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Hope you are all having a great start in 2006! This article will be about detoxification and exactly how we can maintain quality health by regularly cleansing.

I always recommend that you enter into any detox program, or purging of internal waste, with prudence.  Understand that your body can only release so much at any given time.

Your liver, kidneys, colon, lungs, and skin are all organs of detoxification.  If they are all dumping out simultaneously, you will experience what is known as retox.  The body literally reabsorbs the toxins it has just released.

Pregnant women should not try detoxification and cleansing, because it will make the fetus toxic.  In the elderly, if health is already compromised,  entering into a cleansing protocol should be done very gradually, and with the guidance of a natural health practitioner.  Unfortunately, few medical doctors are trained in detoxification and cleansing, since it is preventative medicine. In the elderly, if not monitored carefully, detoxification can cause edema and swelling throughout the body, as the kidneys, liver, lymph, and colon become congested.

Your lymph system dumps it's waste from the major organ systems into the blood, where it exits through the colon and kidneys.  The organs of elimination become "plugged up", resulting in a "back up" just like the plumbing in your house.

The key here is to drink plenty of water with lemon, to flush the kidneys. Additionally taking supplements with the green foods such as barley green, chlorophyll, chlorella, and wheat grass, which will neutralize the toxins. Juicing, using the recommended recipes offered on your script sheet is very effective in neutralizing toxins. Exercise is also vital, as elimination through the colon is enhanced.

Systemic Formulas offers some great toxin neutralizers like ACX and ACP.  Parasite detoxification and cleansing creates, perhaps, the most profound toxic healing crisis. When parasites are killed via a cleanse, their waste makes the body very toxic.  Anyone on a parasite cleanse knows what a healing crisis feels like.  Beneath the rib cage, below the sternum, is the left lobe of the liver.  When toxins back up, the left lobe reacts with nausea, cramping, and bloating, all symptoms of detox. One can experience flu like symptoms during any cleanse.  If you normally have problems with your sinuses, or perhaps occasionally experience migraine headaches, your symptoms will exacerbate during a healing crisis. Thus,  where ever your weak spot is, will be the location you are most affected.

As the body returns to balance, known as homeostasis, the healing forces cause the body to release toxins, not store and suppress symptoms.  This is the great folly of modern medicine...treating symptoms and creating suppression.  Natural health protocols do the opposite, releasing toxicity which has been stored in the deep tissues of the body, and allowing them to surface, thus creating a healing crisis.

A healing crisis is, indeed, a true sign of healing, and that your body is responding to the natural formulas recommended. As your vital life force gathers more momentum, it literally forces to the surface, suppressed illnesses that can date back many years.

Systemic Formulas has many formulas for glands and organs, each of which offers gentle detoxification.  Not all natural health formulas can make the same claim.  Some have very harsh detox reactions and do not have, what is professionally referred to as, adequate  drainage.

For centuries, the Japanese have used unique methods of detoxification. One, that I feel merits efficacy is the detox foot patch.  These patches are placed on the bottom of each foot at bedtime.  Since we detox from head to foot, our toxins will eventually end up in the feet. 

These patches contain special ingredients from the sap of certain Japanese trees, which release toxins from the feet into the patches.  When removing the patches each morning, a noticeable brownish color will be visible on the patch. These are the toxins being released.  When the patches no longer have a brownish color on the pad,  the toxins have been properly eliminated.  

 This is a safe, easy and  effective way to cleanse the body of toxins, and can be used for babies, and the elderly.   You should feel more energy, and lighter on your feet! 

I recommend use of detox foot patches periodically throughout the year, to keep toxins from our food and environment in check.

Anyone interested in ordering these patches, should review the infomercial at the top of this page.  Click on Specials (to the right) for ordering details.

Stay fit and healthy!


Dr. Gay

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Stay fit and healthy!