What Takes Place as We Heal

Volume 11 April, 2007  



Everyone who has ever studied naturopathy will tell you about Hering's Law of Cure. It is as follows.


      Summary of the Laws of Cure: 

  • Hering observed that the body seeks to externalize disease, noting that symptoms will surface as part of the curative process.
  • According to one of Hering's "laws", a person's symptoms will appear and disappear in the reverse order of their appearance upon the body. Thus, a patient might re-experience symptoms during the healing process.
  • Another observation was that the body heals from top to bottom, and from more vital organs to less vital organs

  So this essentially means that your longest held symptoms will be the last to disappear from your body, and likewise, your most recent symptoms will the first to disappear.   The natural healing is not a zippy, quick process.  Remember the old cliche  "Rome wasn't built in a day!"  It very much applies here, as the body needs time to clean off one layer of imbalance, so the next layer may surface, and be reckoned with. These are energetic layers of imbalance in the acupuncture system, where illness begins.

   Chemical medications tend to suppress symptoms, pushing them deep within the body, so they seem to disappear.  Natural medicines do just the opposite, by creating a centrifugal force, which pushes to the surface and out, layer by layer, symptoms and disease which have been suppressed by drug therapies. Chemical antibiotics are a prime example of this. 

    As the body's innate healing processes grows stronger, this centrifugal force eventually manifests a cure, ridding the body of the block to the cure. Keep in mind, this is sometimes after release of many layers.  I have seem some people take a few years to get to the precise layer causing their illness, while I have seen others clear the "culprit" layer in just a few weeks.

     Usually, illnesses which continue to plague a patient over a long period of time, that have not responded to any diagnostic treatment plans, are illnesses born in the acupuncture system.  This is vital to our understanding of how true healing really takes place. 

     Realize the acupuncture system interfaces the neurological system. Illnesses initially begin in the acupuncture system, as an electrical imbalance in the meridian channels, which feed energy to vital organs and glands.  If this occurs for an extended period of time, the "chi flow" will cause disruption of electromagnetic energy to organ systems.  Eventually disease states result, due to the domino effect of the energy imbalances to the various body systems, as one system "feeds"  vital electromagnetic energy to the next. 

    So, to correct the physical symptoms, we must begin in the acupuncture system where the energy imbalance began.  Thus, the importance of the periodic screening of acupoints, to access and correct energy imbalances.  Meridian energy screening is actually pre diagnostic, working like an antenna by " picking up" electrical disturbances, which can be effectively reversed through acupoint nutrition. As this occurs so does the healing process.

    By working, layer by layer, the body clears old illnesses from the system.  We heal from the head to the feet, in reverse order of symptoms.  As these layers are "peeled" off,  symptoms of old infections may reappear, indicating a curative process is releasing and pushing illnesses to the surface, so the cure can result. Sore, painful feet, can actually be a positive sign you are in the end stages of healing, and that a cure is just around the corner!    

   For example, as a child you may have been plagued by chronic bronchitis, and you suddenly develop an acute case of bronchial symptoms. You have obviously reached a layer, deep within your body, that was suppressed many years ago by antibiotic therapy. 

     Be aware, as you age, your immune system becomes depressed. Old illnesses, suppressed by chemical antibiotics years before, can resurface and "do you in"!  This is why naturopathic doctors recommend using only natural antibiotics, as opposed to chemical ones, to avoid such suppressions.

    A healing crisis results in the surfacing of an old illness. It will usually pass in 3 to 5 days.  During that time period, the patient feels energetic, but will have a sudden onset of illness, which may even appear to be the flu. Symptoms can be quite brutal, and then suddenly disappear as quickly as they appeared. It is important to realize that during this time you should get extra sleep, and drink plenty of water to assist in the detoxification and cleansing process.  I generally recommend one tablespoon of liquid chlorophyll in water, or taking the ACX  Formula (liver/kidney) to quickly neutralize toxins, and increase their passage through the organs of elimination. You may also want to reduce your recommended formulas by one capsule each, to give your body a break from a toxic build up in the liver and kidneys.

    Just remember, as you heal, you also are breaking through suppressed, deep seated disease patterns, which have blocked your cure.  As they surface and are released, true health and healing is finally realized.  It is like a boil which suddenly surfaces, turns red, swells, breaks, vanishes, and along with it the infection which enclosed it!


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