Quantum Medicine...The New Paradigm!

                                                      Volume 12 July, 2007


Congratulations to Sandy Fiscus ...June winner of a full consult, for a friend or family member!  Remember, every time you refer a patient to our office, you receive a free meridian screen! 

                            Quantum Medicine...The New Paradigm!

  Quantum medicine is referred to as "the new science", and many researchers are discovering it provides many answers to "incurable" health issues, that would have otherwise gone unresolved.  

  Quantum means the smallest quantity of radiant energy.  Quantum physicists now know we humans consist of oscillating, energy frequencies.  These frequencies are reflecting the food we eat, the water we drink, the environment that surrounds us, and the thoughts we think. 

 Our vibrational frequencies essentially are a thermometer for our future health and wellbeing.  If our energy field, comprising these oscillating frequencies,  becomes distorted, or aberrant, ill health will result. So quantum medicine, also referred to as energy medicine, is essentially pre-diagnostic.  It will reveal what, "energetically speaking," is back of your illness.   

   Quantum physicists have found many indicators that reveal our energy field is the first place that should be investigated, when our health is being compromised.  The energy field can be specifically addressed via quantum machines that can track and remove aberrant frequencies, through, taking homeopathic medicines, by testing and accessing the acupuncture system, and by ingesting bio-energetic formulas, which directly balance the acupuncture system.  Once the frequencies of the energy field are no longer aberrant and distorted, the body can respond with a strong vibratory rate in each organ and gland, "generating" bio-electricity, which translates into superb health. 

   Unfortunately, in traditional medicine, the energy field is rarely addressed, and only symptoms are treated.  Instead chemical medicines drive the health issues deeper into the body, while creating distortion of  oscillating frequencies.  

   Since the acupuncture system and the neurological system are interfaced, we must first look to the energy field for the answers, not just symptoms in the physical body, which are "mirroring" the imbalances in the energy field.  Again, recall the energy field holds the key that unlocks the gate to superior health! It is the bountiful vital life force, flowing without impedance through all the organs and glands, that keeps cell function normalized.

   Once the natural health practitioner can access precisely where your "short circuits" exist, bio-energy is restored.  That is why energy testing is so effective...it goes to the source of the issue, instead of treating a symptom.  Formulas, taken over a period of 60 days, efficiently and effectively keep the flow of "chi" synchronized, providing each organ and gland with a strong and vital energy field.  Once the organ or gland has rebuilt itself at the cellular level, via an enhanced energy field, there is no need to continue the bio-energy formulas.   

    Perhaps the most unique aspect of your body is your energy field.  No two people have identical thumb prints, and likewise, no two have identical energy fields.  That is why six individuals could have the exact same physical symptoms, yet none of them would need the same bio-energetic formulas. This is the biggest bonus for the practice of quantum medicine.  

    Instead of labeling patients  as having  "low thyroid", "arthritis", "cancer", " M.S.", "chronic fatigue", "fibromyalgia",   the practitioner of quantum medicine looks at the distorted, oscillating frequencies causing the illness.  In many cases accessing these vibrational distortions, can prevent and reverse a potentially degenerative physical illness, well in advance of the symptoms.

    Rule of thumb is to get energy tested, once a season, if you are in good health.  More chronic conditions will need to be addressed, once a month, until you "peal and heal"!  Quantum medicine is the answer, no matter what the condition, because illness begins and ends in our energy field.




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