Subtle Changes As You Peel and Heal



             Recently one of my consults, who I'd seen in the office on Friday, was back in the office on Tuesday.  When I saw her she told me she was feeling as though something had changed in her "energy picture", and she would feel much better if I could recheck her, though less than four days had passed.

  I had her come into the office and I questioned her a bit about what symptoms she was experiencing. Indeed, her energy picture had changed, as her meridian screening indicated, in just those few days.  Be aware your energy field is continually in flux, so while this is not a common occurrence, it can happen!

  Realize that your energy field is as unique as your thumb two are identical.  This is what makes energy testing so unique.  Each person's energy field requires different formulas to balance and sustain healing.  Each person's energy field will clear these imbalances on a different time schedule, whether it be days, weeks, months, or even years.  As we "peel and heal" many changes take place and each individual will only heal when the layers of imbalance, that have created the illness, have been peeled away!

   Likewise many subtle changes take place.  One formula may completely clear the physical issues in as little as a few hours for some, while others may take months, even years!  Read the testimonials page to get some idea, of just how different each person has experienced their own unique aspect of peeling and  healing. 

   There are many factors at work during the peel and heal process.  One is age, and the younger you are, the quicker you will heal, as there are fewer layers of disfunction in someone 10 years old, when compared to an 80 year old, who has many years of suppressed illnesses. Recall, that is the biggest folly with drug therapy. Drugs suppress illness, while natural medicines do the reverse.

   Additionally, the emotional, mental state of the patient is crucial.  No matter how your illness was created, if you are continually emotionally battling with yourself or someone else, you can't break into a healing mode.  Many illnesses are precipitated by an emotional incident. Anger, hate, poor self esteem, guilt, feeling no love, or experiencing no love, grieving, or an emotional shock, can play a major role in manifesting your illness.  There are many in the field of naturopathy that believe this is key to the onset of any illness, as it severely distorts the energy field. By contrast, the power of love and laughter have a very profound healing effect on the body.

   Nutritional formulas plays a major role in clearing and balancing the energy field's meridian channels.  When electromagnetic energy can flow freely through the meridians, organs and glands function without being "short circuited". This form of "needle-less acupuncture" sustains the energy flow through the acupoints associated with certain organs and glands, as long as the specific formulas are taken.  This, in turn gives the energy field time to get back in synchronization, as each channel has a domino effect on the next.

   Exercise on a daily basis will also enhance the energy field, and thereby increases the peel and heal phenomenon.  Tai Chi, yoga, and rebounding on a mini-tramp, while practicing deep breathing, will vastly increase the flow of bio-electricity through the body, speeding healing, while cleansing and detoxifying the body. Daily, quiet meditation and deep breathing is also highly recommended.  Go to and download the emotional freedom technique manual for tapping specific acupoints to encourage healing of the mind/body.

   Be aware that your body speaks to you in many ways. Tune in, and realize if you are feeling "out of sorts", your energy field is in flux and it may need re tuned. Many of the factors listed above can alter your energy field, changing it's electrical frequencies, requiring subtle changes in healing protocols. 

   As you peel, you get closer to the source of your illness. Being aware of the uniqueness of this process is vital to restoring health of your mind and body.  Be patient and in tune, then incorporate and implement these tactics to hasten the peeling, to create a more rapid healing!