Bragg Healthy Lifestyle

Volume 16 January, 2008

Bragg Healthy Lifestyle


   Paul C. Bragg, N.D., Ph.D. was an internationally renown naturopathic doctor.  He was known for his many books on various tools of natural medicine, known as the Bragg Healthy Lifestyle.

  Dr. Bragg recommended that organic apple cider vinegar (ACV) was key to many internal and external  physiological benefits.  Rich in enzymes and loaded with potassium, ACV was lauded for such benefits as a potent germ fighter/natural antibiotic; toxin eliminator; pH balancer;  eliminator of joint and muscle stiffness;  improved digestion and assimilation; plus healthy skin for a more youthful body.   

  Bragg claimed that ACV with the "mother",  or undistilled organic vinegar, was a powerful healing and  cleansing elixir.  His recommendations were based on  the teachings of Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, who tauted ACV for providing a stronger, healthier constitution. Bragg's recipe was 1 teaspoon of ACV and 1 teaspoon of buckwheat honey, in a 6 to  8 ounce glass of distilled water, up to three times a day.

   Dr. Bragg was a firm believer in the power of  sunlight.  He recommended daily morning sun baths, before 10 AM.  It has now been scientifically determined that the sun is a valuable source of vitamin D3, which has been shown to prevent cancers. This new research sheds new light on the value of sunshine, as opposed to limiting exposure to it.

   Eating live foods and drinking fresh juices was also top on Bragg's "to do" list!  He was a firm believer in the power of foods loaded with enzymes, which powered the cells of the body, while supercharging the vital life force.  He suggested eating fresh fruit and vegetables with each meal.  He was also a proponent of fasting one day each week, by drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juices, thus allowing the body to remove toxins and properly cleanse. Bragg believed that eating commercialized, processed foods was the root of most disease, and that potassium was depleted, as a result.  His recommendations for daily supplementations of apple cider vinegar and honey restored potassium deficiencies, a must for nutritional health. 

    Exercise was key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Bragg suggested daily exercise in the morning sun.  He lifted weights, and incorporated regular cardiovascular workouts into his exercise formats.  He also believed in daily deep breathing exercises to increase oxygenation of the blood. Quiet contemplation and meditation were also paramount in Bragg's daily routines.

    Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii was the site where Paul and his daughter Patricia, also a naturopathic doctor, taught literally thousands of people from all over the world,  the basics for mind, body and spiritual wellness.Though there have been many famous naturopath's like Dr. Bernard Jensen and Dr. Paavo Ariola, it was Dr. Paul Bragg who experienced bountiful health, living long enough to prove his lifestyle paradigm was truly a success.

    Famous men like J.C. Penny, Dr. Scholl, and Conrad Hilton all lived well into their late nineties by following  Bragg's lifestyle recommendations.  And Dr.Paul Bragg...well he died at age 95, when his surf board slipped beneath his feet and hit him in the head!