Healing In Sequence

Volume 18 March, 2008 


   "Healing In Sequence"


   There has been much written about our  body's "life force" and it's ability to "know" what we need, exactly when we need it.  For example, you do not have to inform your body  how to produce thousands of chemicals, or how to create  it's many enzymatic reactions.  When the body gets out of sync, it simply needs guided back on track, so that the immune function can support healing and ward off pathogenic stress, like bacteria, virus, parasites, and fungus infections.

    Dr. John Veltheim, D.C.  author and energy medicine pioneer, suggests "listening" to the body, via muscle testing,  can and will reveal the proper sequence for healing. This is actually not a new paradigm, or model of muscle testing, as it is the focus of Dr. Steven Hawkins's book Power Verus Force. Hawkins is a renown author, physician and quantum scientist, who has done extensive study in the field of muscle testing, also known as applied kinesiology. 

    Instead of treating symptoms, and recommending a protocol, the astute practitioner of energy medicine will always let the body unravel and define the healing process.  For example, symptoms presented by the patient may reveal what would appear to be thyroid imbalances.  Many health practitioners prescribe drugs that would improve thyroid function.  Natural health practitioners often recommend an herbal protocol that might stimulate thyroid balance.  

By comparison, the practitioner of energy medicine will test to unravel the  exact sequence required to get the body back in sync.  If the healing sequence is ignored, the "peel and heal" principle of energy medicine will not unravel and reveal the probable cause of the symptoms presenting.  This is crucial in energy medicine!

   If the energy medicine practitioner "jumps ahead" of the orderly sequence in healing, symptoms may go away, only to stubbornly  return at a later date.  This is because the body's healing mechanism works one layer at a time.  Each layer peeled, reveals the next, and if the sequence is ignored, symptoms will return, and true healing will not manifest. 

   Perhaps, in the case of thyroid issues, the adrenals and/or the pituitary glands are what really need addressed, before the thyroid can return to proper function.  Or maybe the symptoms of low thyroid are a result of meridian imbalances in the circuit which "feeds" the thyroid.  In such a case, nothing will bring back thyroid function until the specific acupoint channel is operational.

   Muscle testing will define the order and sequence for healing.  Some patients return to health quickly, due to youth or a healthy constitution.  Others who are older, or who have had chronic conditions previously treated by chemical drugs, such as antibiotics, will take a bit longer to reach the core cause of their predominant health issues.

    Your body has many circuits and physiological links that work in an orderly, sequential design.  Remember your energy field is as unique as your thumb print...no two are alike.  With that premise in mind, ten people could present identical physical symptoms, yet the core causative factors creating the symptoms would have ten different sources.  Unfortunately, this is perhaps the biggest folly of allopathic (traditional) medicine, for symptoms are treated as if every patient developed their issues from the exact same cause. 

    Muscle testing is truly an ideal way to "peel and heal" each layer individually.  If the patient allows the body to unravel the problem in order of sequence, healing will eventually erase symptoms and return the individual to a greater experience of health and well being.

rmal" align="center" style="margin:0in;margin-bottom:.0001pt; text-align:center">     Muscle testing is truly an ideal way to "peel and heal" each layer individually.  If the patient allows the body to unravel