Healing In Sequence

                                                                      Volume 20 May, 2008 

"Cleanses...What You Should Know"
   Most often I get asked about various detoxification methods, such as cleanses for yeast, parasites, heavy metals, or specifically for the colon, lymph, liver, or kidneys.  While cleanses are important, they should only be done with care and scrutiny.
    Recall that your body heals in layers.  For those who are elderly, and are suffering from poor circulation, "dumping" toxins into the lymph and blood is counterproductive.  Detoxification can congest the body, causing circulation to become less fluid, and possibly contributing to congestive heart failure. For anyone with congested organs of elimination, a cleanse can further "plug them up",  while simultaneously  over taxing their vital functions operative in detoxification.  It is therefore prudent to see which organs need to be cleansed, in order for effective detoxification to take place. Additionally, taking into consideration the age, health issues, and what presenting symptoms are on the "top layer", factor into what specific cleanse needs to be addressed first.
    If, for example, your lymphatic system is "plugged", beginning any detoxifying  regimen would only elevate the state of congestion .  Meridian screening  can help assess which organs of elimination are functioning optimally, and which are congested.  Proper drainage of eliminating organs is crucial, so that toxins can clear the system.  This is paramount before ever embarking on any cleansing program. 
    Remember each individual is unique. The pathogens one is harboring and the function of the organs of elimination are also just as unique. Here is where meridian screening plays a vital role.  Ideally, meridian screening will allow the body to direct
 the order of which organ needs cleansed first,  then pinpoint the pathogen lurking behind the congestion.  The body does not lie!   Formulas, purchased through my clinic, provide excellent drainage and clearing for any organ of elimination testing weak. Many times during a parasite cleanse, the lymphatics get plugged up with the dead parasite waste, and the patient will feel sick.  That is the point when meridian screening can be most beneficial, as it can pinpoint which organ of elimination may have suddenly become congested and need cleared before proper drainage can occur.
    So, focus on the following.  Don't start a cleanse, unless you have been tested to see if you actually need to detoxify.   Let your body direct your path, via the meridian testing, as it "knows" just what is needed, and when.  Address the pathogen on the top layer, as that needs to be cleared first.  It may be parasites, virus, yeast/fungus, bacteria, heavy metals, or just a back log of toxic chemicals that must be initially cleared.  Subsequent testing will determine the precise order the body wants elimination of these pathogens.
     You may think you have fungus/yeast, but perhaps there are parasites on the top layer that must be addressed before the fungus can be completely eradicated.  This is very important in eliminating pathogenic stress, otherwise the cleanse will not really clear the pathogen.
     Drink lots of filtered water, eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.  Juice using the recipes at the bottom of your script sheet, and take a tablespoon of chlorophyll each day, in an eight ounce class of water.  Make sure you get extra rest, and exercise during a cleanse. Exercise helps assist the body to cleanse. 
     If you have pets, please be advised a parasite cleanse should be screened for each season, as parasites can cause a host of illnesses. So, the long and short of any detoxification protocol is to get meridian assessment performed to see what your body wants to eliminate,  in order of preference.  Beware of over the counter cleanses, as they may not have adequate drainage, and you may actually be adding to your congestive state, not detoxifying it!


he counter cleanses, as they may not have adequate drainage, and you may actually be adding to your congestive state, not detoxifying it!