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  Many of you have asked about the Natural Cellular Defense (NCD).  Allow me to give you some information and testimonials, on the fabulous new product, introduced to the public in November of 2005. 

The product was patented on September 11, 2001, and has had some rigorous scientific studies supporting it.  NCD is the only patented  product which carries zeolites, a mineral from volcanic ash, in the form of liquid drops.  The zeolites have a honeycomb like framework of cavities and channels, which are like cages, trapping and removing pathogens like virus, bacteria, heavy metals, fungus, and carcinogenic (cancer causing) chemicals. This cage safely secures, then removes these pathogens/toxins from your body. 

NCD is 100% safe and natural. These cages are negatively charged, trapping toxins, which are positively charged, just like a magnet.  As it eliminates toxins, it  safely cleanses the body, preventing disease and providing powerful anti-oxidant support.  It also addresses and maintains the body's pH, which is key to remaining healthy.    

Cancer Treatment Center's Of America offers a holistic approach to cancer treatment.  Dr. Ross Taylor, M.D., one of their nutritional support physicians, regularly uses NCD in his cancer treatment protocols. The efficacy of NCD in cancer research studies is what is most encouraging. The American Cancer Society now projects one out of every two men, and one out of every three women, will develop cancer at some time in their lifetimes.  Despite hundreds of billions of dollars spent on cancer treatments, the death toll continues to climb at alarming levels, in great part due to ever present chemical toxins and carcinogens found in our food, water, and environment. Prevention, via cleansing and detoxifying chemicals we are daily absorbing, is thus crucial.

So what makes Natural Cellular Defense so unique?  First, the honeycomb like cages, which magnetize and remove toxins/pathogens from the cells, isolating them in the cage.  By drinking extra amounts of water, these toxins are eliminated from the body.  The NCD also keeps the body at a proper pH level, while activating the P-21 Gene.  The P-21 Gene  supports a strong immune function, enhancing anti-oxidant protection, thus protecting against degenerative diseases.  

In simple terms NCD provides your body with the best preventative measures to remain healthy, and disease free. Epidemiological studies have provided perhaps the most convincing evidence yet.  Those living in areas where volcanoes exist, appear to be among the healthiest and disease-free people on earth, due to the zeolite minerals absorbed into the root systems of their foods, and the water they drink. 

The NCD is initially taken in doses of 10 drops three times a day, for at least two months. The average person harbors about ten pounds of toxins in the body, with a high level of carcinogenic (cancer causing) chemicals among them. The NCD keeps caging, and removing the toxins, as long as the drops are taken.  Once initial cleansing is complete, one can maintain on three drops, three times a day, or one bottle a month.   

It is recommended that you drink plenty of water, or half your body weight in ounces.  If you feel nauseous, experience headaches, muscle soreness, or bloating, your body needs more water to flush the toxins out of your colon, liver, and kidneys.  Temporarily reduce your drops so that your body can catch up with the detoxification process. The elderly may want to begin with five drops, three times per day.  If swelling in the ankles occurs, reduce the drops, as the kidneys are obviously under stress.  

Animals can also successfully take NCD, with just three drops each day.  If an animal exhibits detoxification symptoms, also cut back the drops, to just one or two each day. 

 The action of  NCD is second to none, and is presently being used by medical doctors as a patented, safe, all natural, epithelial cell cancer drug.

The testimonials and science behind NCD have been conducted by  physicians and researchers, some of  whom have graduated from Harvard and Yale. These physicians and research scientists, acquainted with NCD's efficacy,  not only take it themselves, but recommend it to all of their patients. Most individuals taking the product have seen healthy changes in their bodies ranging from symptom disappearance, to complete return of health, after suffering from the ravages of degenerative diseases. 

NCD traps and eliminates poisonous, cancer producing substances in your body, which daily accumulate, and may eventually shorten your life.  I am not only recommending this product to you, I am one of those health practitioners who will remain an NCD indefinitely. It's prevention at it's best!

There is an inspiring CD available which includes interviews on the efficacy of this wonderful product. The interviews concern cancer and degenerative disease prevention, as well as the phenomenal efficacy of NCD. Let me know if you would like a free copy.

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