As Summer Begins (Tips From Doctor Gay)

Volume 5

As the summer begins I hope this newsletter finds you happy and healthy.  With that in mind allow me to give you some tips to make that all happen.

First stay hydrated.  As the temperature begins to climb, there is obviously an increase in perspiration.  As fluids are lost, so are minerals.  Make sure you are getting at least half your body weight in ounces of water each day,  just to keep your body hydrated.  If you are taking  Systemic Formulas, you will note the back of the bottles recommends drinking extra fluids.  That means you need to drink more than half your body weight in ounces. Typically, as you are taking formulas that produce cleansing reactions additional water is required, so that you purge toxicity being released at the cellular level.  

Also make sure you are eating plenty of fruit and vegetables, or at the very least getting supplementation of a good whole food concentrate, to replace minerals lost in perspiration. These are whole foods found in capsule supplements. If you are into cardio workouts and perspiring a lot, I would also recommend colloidal minerals, to maintain electrolyte balance.

 If you have a "healing crisis", water will flush the toxins from your system, and speed up the healing process.  Also remember water is a conduit for electricity. If you want to increase electromagnetic energy throughout the acupuncture meridian system, you need to increase your intake of water.  It is this vital fluid that helps cleanse the system, as well as hydrate the tissues at the cellular level.

Some signs of dehydration are dark colored urine, dry mouth with little or no saliva, or conversely, too much saliva in the mouth,  low back aches, body pains, nausea, stiff, tight painful muscles, and joint irritation. 

 In the book, Your Body Cries Out for Water,  Dr. F. Batmanghelidj, M.D. Begins his first chapter with the following quote: "Chronic cellular dehydration painfully and prematurely kills.  It's initial  outward manifestations have, until now, been labeled as diseases of unknown origin".  He goes on to illustrate everything from issues with spinal vertebrae, chronic constipation, digestive issues, arthritis, headaches, lack of energy, chronic pain,  premature aging, and angina as having more to do with the body's level of hydration.

The worst part about dehydration, is that our thirst mechanism may not be the best predictor of our state of hydration. When the body is in a state of dehydration the "power plant" of the body is not working effectively.  When the body's electricity is short-circuiting , the brain cannot send out the proper thirst signals. Unfortunately, the dry mouth stage occurs as a latent sign of long standing dehydration. Ample amounts of saliva are also not good indicators of hydration, in that that too much saliva can actually be a sign of dehydration.

 Dr. Batmanghelidj's research discovered issues with low back problems and slipped discs, being caused by lack of water volume in the disc core. As an individual moves into a greater state of dehydration, the inter vertebral discs and their joint, in particular the fifth lumbar disc, begin to degenerate in about 95% of the cases. 

Drinking fluids like coffee, teas, alcohol and colas tend to dehydrate, not hydrate.  The only real way to increase fluid levels is to drink water. Watermelons and cucumbers also hydrate the body, as well as flush out toxins from the kidneys. It is recommended to drink filtered water. Reverse osmosis units are an excellent way to filter your water,  or if bottled water is your choice, drinking brands whose source is glacier mountain water is ideal.  

 Water flushes the organs of elimination like the colon, kidneys, liver and skin, while providing fluid for the blood and lymph,  to effectively remove toxins. Beware of chemical diuretics, which not only move excess water from your body, but your body's precious minerals with it!.  Use only natural diuretics, if your body tends to hold on to water. I carry natural diuretics in my office which will flush the excess water, without depleting your minerals, while simultaneously rebuilding kidney function.

Realize, many have unknowingly been suffering from chronic dehydration, which have been ineffectively treated with chemical medications, and only worsened.  Increase your water intake, and observe whether your health improves.  That glass of water is key to maintaining optimal health!

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your water intake, and observe whether your health improves.  That glass of water is key to maintaining optimal health!