Guess Who Is Coming to Dinner? 

Volume 7

In the book Guess Who Is Coming to Dinner, author Ann Louise Gittleman, brings into the light the nasty paradox parasites create.  Chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, arthritis, cancers, MS, or chronic illnesses, are just a few of the disease forms long term parasite infections can manifest. A parasite lives within the terrain of the body, which provides the host.  

As the human host continues to co-exist with the parasites, the host will begin to lose vitality in many realms.  One infected with parasites can become anemic, as they attach themselves  to the mucosal lining of the intestines, so they can leach nutrients. When in large enough numbers, parasites can cause blood loss creating iron deficiency and pernicious anemia, not to mention inflammatory related diseases of the colon.

Parasites are more often than not, responsible for joint and muscle aches and pains.  They migrate and encyst (become enclosed in a sac) in both joint fluids and muscles.  Inflammation can also be a sign of tissue damage, as the parasites continue their attack, the body reacts with the immune response of pain.

Intestinal worms cause hives, rashes, weeping eczema, so are always a suspect in recurrent allergies.  Fighter cells, known as eosinophils increase in the body, triggering allergic reactions.  Immunoglobulin E (IgE) is also increased as a result of a parasite infection.  Higher than normal levels of IgE or eosinophils indicated in a blood test should be a red flag, that a parasite infection may be lurking in the midst.

Parasites can cause constipation, as they can literally obstruct the passage from the  intestinal tract, and even the common bile duct.  The micro parasites (protozoa) can create diarrhea and chronic intestinal infections, including gas and bloating.  If you suffer from persistent abdominal distension, parasites can be the culprit, especially when  evident for months or even years.   

Since parasites can irritate and inflame the intestinal cell wall there can be malabsorption of vital nutrients, creating IBS, or irritable  bowel syndrome.  Unfortunately, many typical medical screenings of the intestinal tract, cannot establish parasite infection that may be buried within the lumen of the intestinal wall.  Both the tape and round worm species hatch eggs, which may not be visible.  

The biggest hindrance seems to be the fact that the medical profession, as a whole,  treats symptoms, and rarely looks to see what is back of a disease process. They pay very little heed to parasite infections, ignoring the possibility that it may be the culprit in many etiologies/pathologies. They equate parasite infections to a pathogen found predominantly in third world countries, not the good "ole" USA!  Additionally, lab tests can be inaccurate, as the parasites are sometimes buried deep in the lumen of the intestine wall, or hatch eggs that can not be traced.

There are tapeworms and roundworms, which hatch eggs.  To effectively kill off these parasite species, the cleanse needs to be cycled, to insure killing the larvae.  Flat worms and micro parasite species need not be cycled, but the cleanse should be taken for a minimum of thirty days, and then rechecked to insure infection no longer exists. 

Parasite waste, or die off, can make a patient very ill, so cleanses should be limited to the particular species the individual is infected with.  Do not take a general parasite cleanse, as you cannot possibly kill off all  species at once, and may in fact make yourself very sick in the process.

In my practice I have energetically linked parasite infestations to some MS cases, some lymph/breast cancers, eczema,  anxiety and other mental disorders, candida infections, endocrine/hormone imbalances, arthritis, chronic muscle pain, and host of chronic gastro-intestinal complaints.  

Chronic rash, teeth grinding, anal, nose or ear itch, eczema, picking at the nose, dark circles under the eyes, yellow tint to the face, hyperactivity, loose stools alternating with bouts of constipation, numbness and tingling in the hands and feet, lethargy, immune dysfunction, inability to focus, anemia, blood in the stool, night sweats, digestive disturbances, sexual dysfunction, abdominal pains, and increased appetite can be just a few of the symptoms of parasitic infections. I energetically test for specific parasites during all meridian screenings, and have patients complete the parasite questionnaire.

Consider the fact that 65% of the populous suffers from parasite infections, and you will realize the importance regular parasite screening.  If you have animals,  testing should be done at least twice a year, and preferably once a season, to insure you are not hosting a parasite.  Make sure you wash your hands before eating, and keep your hands sanitized after touching your pets. This can dramatically cut down on infections. 

Do not walk barefoot, do not eat raw fish or meats, refrain from drinking water from unknown sources, keep your yard clear of pet waste, and do not purchase fruit or vegetables from Mexico, or other areas south of the border.

Soak all fruit and vegetables in either a cup of white cider vinegar, a half teaspoon of Chlorox, or a fruit or vegetable wash, for a minimum of 20 minutes, to insure removal of bacteria, parasites, or chemical pesticides. Realize that most parasite contamination is carried via food and water.

Take note if you illness occurred after a visit to a third world country.  Parasites are typically carried back from visits where sanitation is not the best.  Soldiers returning from Iraq should be screened for parasite infections, which are very common problem in the mid east.

Gittleman's book is a great read, that I highly recommend. Parasite infections have created a real health paradox, and most naturopathic practitioners will tell you it is perhaps the most serious health crisis confronting modern society today!

r parasite infections, which are very common problem in the mid east.

Gittleman's book is a great read, that I highly recommend. Parasite infections have created a real health paradox, an