Self Empowerment and Realization of Goals!

Volume 8






 New research reported recently on CNN, indicates many of the reasons why New Year's Resolutions fall by the way side, deal more about how we emotionally perceive ourselves.  If your self perception is that you are fat, unfit, and beyond repair, your aspirations for changing will be dim at best!  May 2007 be a year of self empowerment and self realization, so that you can aspire to be the person you really want to become. 

      Enjoy some pearls of wisdom from some best selling authors who impart self empowerment skills.  Next,  try to integrate them into your fitness programs.  Letting go of your fears, inadequacies, and negative self images may go along way toward making this year's fitness goals a successful and permanent, lifetime resolution.  Self empowerment creates emotional healing within, and increases the likelihood of  success in any pursuit you have toward looking and feeling your best.  This is what some researchers feel may be the real recipe to any successful personal fitness program.

1.  "Trusting yourself is trusting the wisdom that created you.

   From:  Wayne Dyer (N.Y. Times Best Selling Author)

2.  "By understanding how fear and other negative emotions adversely affect your healing, you more easily identify how you are interfering, consciously or unconsciously, with your own healing process." From: Carolyn Myss, author of: Why People Don't Heal

3.  "Fear is the beast which thrives on a lack of knowledge."  From:  Jamie Saloff, author of Transformational Healing"

4.  To manifest what you really want in your life do the following.  Believe you already have what it is you want to create in your life.  Emotionally feel what it is you want, and focus on it with assurance that there is no doubt of it's inevitability.  Remove any fears, which will quickly block it's manifestation. Always focus on what you want, not what you need, because there is a big difference. Many times what you need, and what you really want, are not one and the same.     From:  thesecret.TV

5.  " Laughing is one of the most powerfully beneficial things you can do.  Children laugh, on average 10,000 times per week.  Adults laugh, on average, five times per week. Laughing stimulates the entire immune system, alleviates depression, and alkalizes the body.  In the book Anatomy of an Illness, we hear of the amazing story of a cancer patient who, given six months to live, used laughter to eliminate his cancer.  Laugh every day as often as you can, even if you have nothing to laugh about. You will feel better and be healthier as a result."  From:  KevinTrudeau/

6.  If you want to remain happy in life, surround yourself with friends and relationships whom help you feel good about yourself and make you laugh, not  whom cause  you daily stress, distress, anger and resentment.   From:  all health practitioners who practice mind/body medicine/ sports psychologists 

7.  Exercise a minimum of 30 minutes a day.  Keeping your hormones balanced will also keep you healthier and thinner.  Balance your hormones naturally through diet and nutritional supplementation, while avoiding synthetic hormones which have been found to be a health risk.  From:  Weight Loss, Burton Goldberg, author

8.  Eat more live, enzyme packed foods like raw fruit and vegetables.  Focus more on lower glycemic carbohydrates to prevent blood sugars from spiking, and eat adequate protein levels for your body weight.  Reduce you exposure to chemicals of any kind, as they create toxicity in your body, compromising your health.  From:  Kevin Trudeau/

9.  "...always remember that the situation or person who has the ability to upset you the most, or to pull you off-center, is your greatest teacher."  From:  Love and Power, Lynn V. Andrews, author

10.  "I ask myself, 'Am I making my decision with fear or enthusiasm?' and I remember that the word 'enthusiasm'  comes from the Greek 'entheos', which means "the God within."  FromYes or No,  Spencer Johnson, author. 

Remember as you exercise you feel better about yourself,  and become more self empowered...the real key to success!  The best to you in 2007!


eans "the God within."  FromYes or No,  Spencer Johnson, author.