Read Your Labels!

Volume 9


Read Your Labels!


    Perhaps the most important aspect of being a  consumer is to scrutinize labels on anything your purchase.  You may be surprised to know that buying organic is always the best, whether is be your food, your clothing, or even your pet products.  The reason is obvious, but let's look at the why buying anything off the shelves, may be compromising your health.

      Kevin Trudeau's books go to the heart of why, when he reiterates the importance of buying organic foods, because they contain more nutrition.  The more food is processed, the less nutrition it offers.  Additionally, meat, eggs, butter and other higher fat products may contain hormones, antibiotics, and pesticides injected into the cattle and chickens.  Be aware that toxins store in the fat cells of the animal.  Butter, whole milk, and cheese, if not organic, may thus be your worst enemies.  For this reason, these are the foods you should select from organic sources. Limit your purchase of anything that has been smoked, due to the nitrates.

       But there is more to wise shopping in the grocery store.  Don't purchase foods you read various colors listed.  If colors are named, realize these are foods you need to remove from your food cart. If you additionally read words like "artificial flavor", be aware you are getting a chemical facsimile of the real flavor. These is all chemical additives that store in the body and are not from natural sources. Purchase nothing that has the word "artifical"

On the label.  

      Stay away from canned products.  Foods  are packed in aluminum cans, and are not fresh, but preserved with chemicals.  Buy fresh or frozen foods. Always soak your fruit or vegetables for a minimum of 20 minutes,  with a cup of white cider vinegar, or other specific natural produce cleaner. 

       And it does not stop here.  Begin using natural cleaning supplies, otherwise you will be on the receiving end of a host of toxic chemicals found in household products.  Borax is a great product to dissolve dirt and grime.  Additionally peppermint  eucalyptus, thyme, and tea tree oils are natural disinfectants, which can be added to all natural liquid soaps. Also use natural laundry detergents, so your clothes are not laden with chemicals your body can absorb.  Look for the "all natural" designation on the label.

      Filter your water before you drink it, as tap water can carry a medley of chemicals and heavy metals.   Cancer researchers have connected the water factor to areas where the cancer rates are exceedingly high.  Read the label on the water bottle to determine where the source is, before purchasing bottled water. Mountain and glacier water sources are best.

       Clothing labels are also important to scrutinize.  With organic clothing beginning to show up in stores, people now have a healthier choice.  Wear more 100% cotton, silk, or linens, and avoid polyesters, rayon, or other synthetic materials.  The synthetics actually disturb the electricity of the body, thus creating distortions in the acupuncture  system.  Organic clothing also contains natural dyes, as opposed to chemical dyes.  

        Use natural toothpastes, which are fluoride free.  Realize there are artificial flavors and other chemical ingredients in toothpastes, which are readily absorbed in the mouth.  The same is true of mouth washes, so avoid any mouth washes with artificial flavors, colors, chemicals, and alcohol. 

        As we begin to scrutinize all food, and clothing labels, let us not forget about the pets.  Buy natural pet foods, and avoid chemical additives, artificial flavors and colorings.  Studies have already determined chemicals additives are just as toxic to our pets. 

       On all labels, be aware "all natural" is not the same as "natural".  There may be only 30% of a natural substance in a product,  labeled "natural" .  "All natural", or "certified organic" labels are entirely safe.  

  According to the World Health Organization, chemicals may be the demon lurking behind ninety-five percent of cancers, and other degenerative diseases.   A good reason to read all labels!

All natural", or "certified organic" labels are entirely safe.  

  According to the World Health Organization, chemicals may be the demon lurking behind ninety-five percent of cancers, and other degenerative diseases. &nb