We provide lab services!

Professional medical lab services, covered by most health insurances, are also available through our office. BioHealth Diagnostics of Santa Monica, California, offers a variety of physical terrain testing including: blood and saliva; longevity; parasites; hormone imbalance; G.I; pathogens screens; "leaky gut" and other mucosal barrier function issues; plus trace mineral hair analysis which tests for heavy metals and nutritional deficiencies.

Sick of being sick?

Establishing the energetic root, back of illness, implementing holistic nutrition and detoxification programs, balancing pH, utilizing Oriental energy screening techniques, and recommendations for targeting the body systems with natural formulas, are what make Dr. Hilton's protocols so successful.

It's all just a process of redirecting the body systems, which have temporarily forgotten how to perform their bio-energetic functions. With the implementation of holistic nutrition, the reduction of energetic and environment pollutants, and utilization of recommended energy formulas to restore bio-energy balance to glands and organs, the vital life force can be restored and true health can once more become a physical reality.

Natural health consultations only!

Gay S. Hilton, N.D offers consultations on holistic lifestyles, and in no way offers any medical services such as and including: diagnosing an illness, using chemical medicines, performing any invasive procedures, or claiming healing cures. She recommends holistic, natural lifestyle changes to improve overall well being, utilizing the Oriental paradigm of energy acupoint screening techniques, for meridian energy balancing only. This is in no way a medical diagnosis. This is paradigm, or model, of energy assessment, utilized for over 4,000 years old, and utilized today by Traditional Chinese Medical doctors, many chiropractors, holistic medical doctors, and naturopathic doctors. Energy assessments are labeled by a variety of different terms such as bio-kinesiology, clinical contact reflex analysis, applied kinesiology, needle-less acupuncture, and therapeutic touch. Aspects of energy testing have been widely researched by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. in his book Power Versus Force, and have been the focus of extensive research of Fred Gallo, Ph.D. Additionally, acupoint testing and tapping techniques are the new rage in energy medicine. Working with acupoints has very specific ways of clearing and opening channels of life giving energy. This life force imparts innate intelligence to all body cells, which react by performing their myriad of functions.

These techniques are not utilization of any "psychic" force or in any way connected to "New Age" healing formats or phenomena.

It is to be therefore understood, that this in no way is a medical evaluation, or a replacement for seeking the advice of a medical doctor/professional, and that Gay S. Hilton, N.D. is in no way practicing allopathic medicine. Her consultations consist of teaching holistic nutritional/ lifestyle recommendations, and energy assessments/screenings that may be accepted and integrated into one's lifestyle, or disregarded accordingly.

Please read our disclaimer for additional information