Wellness begins at home

Do you know that the air in your home is five times more toxic than the air outside? This is the reason we all need to be purifying our home air. Dr. Hilton offers air purifiers available, with air purification for your home incorporating ionization, to really super clean the air you breathe. Pure essential oils can be added to the air purifier for a beautiful aroma in your home or office environment.

And how about your computer and the EMF's (electromagnetic frequencies) you are absorbing, each time you work at the computer? EMF Pillows are available, which absorb the EMF's... so you don't! Also available is a diode which can be simply attached to the back of your watch, blocking the EMF's from your battery.

Contact Integrative Wellness Options today, and we will be happy to give you the details on these and other great home health items. Remember if your priority to care of yourself, it is equally important you take care of the environment you live in.