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To thank you all for your many referrals, you will receive a free Meridian Screening of Acupoints (a savings of $50) every time you refer a new patient to our clinic. Each month, the individual with the most referrals for that month will additionally receive two free tickets to Tinseltown Movie Theatres, in Erie PA!

 Jen Chamberlin is our current winner for most referrals this month, congratulations!!


Round 1 Leaders ~ ~ 8 or more referrals!
Care Kerlin Bob Sonnenberg Kim Wassong
Gisele Mosier Lois Thompson Jeff Watson

Round 2 Leaders ~ ~ 5 or more referrals!
Ellie Hailwood Harry Hanks Chris Strasser
Joanne Hailwood Stacie Pecar Maureen Toy
Cheri McGuire Carol Seley Shirley Widomski
Lori Watson    

Round 3 Leaders ~ ~ 3 or more referrals!
Bev Duran Tim Jenks Nancy Mason
Sandy Fiscus Gwen Kerr Linda O'Malley
Tanya Smart Stacie Muryznski Amy Seley
Dennis Swan Linda Welsch Lisa Raddock
Cheryl Wenslow David Zebrovious Jen Carden
Joe Monaco Eric Arndt Carol Habas
Melissa Mather Diann Frampton Kim Niederriter
Joyce Hogan Pam Verity Nancy Dworakowski

Round 4 Leaders ~ ~ 2 or more referrals!
Kim Gould Jeannie Zmijewski Cindy Boylan
Lisa Mullenax Tammy Sherwood Sherry Zischkau
Andrea Zehner Frances Johnson Barb Marlinski

If your name is not listed above and you think it should be, please email Dr. Hilton. We will be glad to add you to our leader board.