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The body's energy life circuits

According to Traditional Oriental Medicine (TCM) your body is akin to a series of electrical circuits. When one of these circuits gets overloaded there is a disconnect. This electricity needs to be flowing at all times to keep the energy supplied to the various terminals, to avoid a disconnect. The terminal is the acupoint, the meridian is the channel of energy, or the circuit. Each gland and organ has an associated acupoint, or energy terminal located on the skin's surface. So if the electricity of your body is flowing properly, you remain healthy. When there is a either a disconnect, energetic congestion or blockage, the body does not get electricity to the organs and glands, where they receive nutritive bio-energy.

Oriental meridian acupoints for organs and glands are screened, to detect any energetic stress which may be depleting the organ system of bioelectricity, vital for healthful functioning. Re-balancing of meridian organ/gland systems are accomplished by several techniques, applying infrared light to the acupoint, or utilizing tapping, stretching, and twisting the meridian points under stress. All of this is known as needle-less acupuncture. These energy medicine techniques are both articulating and very comprehensive in pinpointing energetic problem areas in the body, many times before physical symptoms have even manifested.

The Chinese have used these meridian alarm points in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for over 4,000 years, with a great degree of accuracy, assisting many in restoring their health. When bio-electricity is blocked in an organ or gland system, the acupoint will will energetically test weak. As a result the associated organ or gland does not receive nutritive energy, and thus begins deteriorating. If this is prolonged, the organ/gland will begin to malfunction and eventually become diseased.

Energy testing of organs and glands

It is quite easy to understand that the body must receive nutritive energy, as even the food we ingest ultimately becomes energy (ATP), firing our body cells to perform a multitude of tasks. Medical doctors regularly recommend EKG testing to pinpoint electrical heart irregularities, while an EEG is performed to determine electrical brain dysfunctions. Simply put, without bioelectricity, our bodies would cease to function.

Thus when the bioelectric energy is restored to the body too is health and well-being. These modalities are articulating and provide a great deal of efficacy in improving the vital life force, known in the Orient as "chi", through the body's vast network of energy channels known as "meridians."

Energy screening of specific organs and glands for stress, is a major part of Dr. Hilton's protocols. By establishing the location of bio-energetic weaknesses in organs and glands, special bio-energetic formulas, which rebuild function at the cellular level, can be integrated into the program. This restores health very rapidly, as the supportive organs and glands receive a persistent flow of nutritive bio-energy.

The course of action is to gently assist and stimulate the redirection of the body's innate energetic pathways, or meridians, back to balance. This in turn awakens the innate energetic cellular intelligence of the organ or gland. By being introduced to holistic nutrition, and learning how to reduce environmental and electromagnetic pollutants, which are daily bombarding the physical body, personal health can return to energetic balance.

She assists and guides clients in returning to energetic balance, and a healthy physical terrain. This makes the body more inhospitable to disease pathogens. After checking saliva pH, she then focuses on assisting the client in restoring the pH of the body, whether too acid or alkaline. Next, she energetically screens for insidious parasitic infections, and a variety of other pathogens like fungus, bacteria, virus, and heavy metals, which undermine the health and manifest as disease states.