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Before visiting Dr. Hilton, I was very run down, had no energy, had frequent migraines, and a burning sensation in my shoulders.  Within a day of starting on the recommended protocols, my energy was up, headaches were gone, and the burning pain had subsided.  In one month, I have lost 10 pounds, and my energy continues to rise.  So grateful for Dr. Hilton's help, after several medical doctors were unable to find any problems.
Saegertown, PA 2012

"Early last fall, I became ill with flu like symptoms. It started with fatigue and nausea. By the end of the week I started having diarrhea. I had it for 5 days and went to see my family doctor. She ran some tests to rule out other, and those results came back negative. The symptoms started to increase and by the 9th day I was physically going downhill. I ended up spending 8 days in the hospital. They ran numerous tests, which all came back negative. The doctors were never really able to tell me what was going on in my body. They continued to keep fluids in me, raise my potassium level, and watch my kidney function. I was released from the hospital when my potassium levels and kidney functions were about normal. I was still having the flu like symptoms. I was getting better, but not at a significant rate. About a month after being released from the hospital, I went to see Dr. Hilton after a good friend recommended her to me. I made the appointment, because I wasn’t getting many better. Actually I felt like I was physically going downhill again. Dr. Hilton evaluated me and identified that I had a virus in my pancreas. She recommended some supplements that my body told her it needed. The antivirus supplement is something that Western Medicine doesn’t use. Dr. Hilton also educated me on why I was having the symptoms and how to help with them. I followed her plan for me. By the second week of treatment I was feeling so much better. Most of the symptoms had stopped. I had been out of work for almost two months, and I was able to return. I continued to improve each day. I was still having diarrhea (almost 40 days), but that was greatly improving. During the 4th week of treatment I finished my first set of supplements. I began to have some discomfort in my pancreas area. As soon as the discomfort stopped, the diarrhea went away. I was virus free.I continued to improve and get stronger. My body was rebounding and I was feeling like my old self. I was able to enjoy the holidays with my family. That was very welcomed, because two months prior to that I wasn’t able to take care of myself, let alone take care of them. I am truly blessed to have had Dr. Hilton recommended to me. She was able to help me when Western Medicine wasn’t able.

J.T.(Wattsburg, PA) 2011

"Approximately one year ago, my husband developed an enlargement in his jaw which radiated into his neck. It seemingly appeared overnight and resembled the size and shape of an unshelled walnut. Thinking it was probably just swollen lymph glands due to his body fighting some type of infection, we did not seek a medical diagnosis until the following week when we realized it was becoming larger, and he had no signs of a cold, a sore throat, or any other infection. Our primary care physician ordered blood work, an X ray, and a CT scan. The diagnosis was a tumor with a cyst on top of it, and it was resting on the parotid salivary gland. According to our doctor, it would not go away on its own, and he recommended we see an ENT specialist, which we did. The ENT specialist ordered an MRI that resulted in the same diagnosis. The ENT doctor indicated that this condition would not go away on its own, surgery was imperative, and there was a 20% chance it was malignant. He also indicated that the surgery was particularly tedious since there is a myriad of facial nerves in that surgical area. The worst case scenario of the surgery was partial paralysis of that side of my husband's face. One can only imagine the despair we felt as we left the doctor's office that day, and we began to pray about it immediately.
We contacted Dr. Gay the next day, and she conducted a full meridian screening on my husband. Her energetic assessment was a tapeworm infestation that had specifically attacked that gland. After placing my husband on a parasite cleanse for two months, as well as a protocol to open the glands in that area, the enlargement completely disappeared and has not reappeared at any time over the past year. After Dr. Gay's treatment, my husband returned for follow up appointments to both our primary care physician and the ENT specialist, who could not believe his condition had "gone away." Neither one of them felt it was necessary to run further tests because there was nothing to test! Our primary care physician said the disappearance of the tumor and cyst must have been "divine intervention". It surely was and Dr. Gay was the messenger who delivered that intervention! Today my husband is in perfect health! We are deeply indebted to Dr. Gay for her diagnosis and treatment that cleared him of the parasite and saved him from surgery and possible facial paralysis. You are an angel to us, Dr. Gay."
JDH (Meadville, PA) March 2011

"After 5 years of suffering from infertility, with only a painful ectopic to show for it, medical doctors were baffled. Even though I was a Christian, for some reason I felt suicidal, and I suffered severe allergies, even to the point of taking Benedryl! My body was fighting itself. I went to Dr. Gay, and within a month was feeling better, thinking cleary, and oh, by the way... pregnant. My problem was parasites (eeew!) that 70% of us have an overload of. They had invaded all parts of my body including my fallopian tubes, sinuses, and my shoulder giving me lack of range of movement. I thank God for leading me to Dr. Gay.
I have personally seen several of my family members and friends healed since, which include: my 11 year old son's migraines; a friend with Meniere's Disease; friend with fibromyalgia; grandmother with arthritis; husband with 7 years of athlete's feet; and cousin with vision problems. The great thing about Dr. Gay is that once you take your initial remedy, your body is clear and you're not on prescriptions, with deadly side effects, for the rest of your life. It has been over 2 years since I have seen Dr. Gay and I am still free and clear and feeling great. Oh, and I have a 1 1/2 year old daughter to prove it!"
C.B. (Crossingville, PA) October 2010

"For the last several years I have continually suffered for post nasal drip, stomach complaints, intestinal distress, and acid reflux. I am now greatly improved, having taken the organ, gland formulas recommended."
L.B. (Erie, PA) September 2010

"After 3 months on these bio-energetic formulas, my immune system was restored, after 3 years of deteriorating health. I was using a cane for a year, and am now pain free and 30 pounds lighter."
R.H (Findley Lake, N.Y) June 2010

"After seeing Dr. Hilton for the past 6 months, and completing a parasite detox, I have seen major improvements in my health issues. My GI issues, urinary tract infections, mood swings, and dermatitis improved at least 80%, after only 3 visits. I have changed my eating habits, and have lost over 50 pounds. I would highly recommend her services."
W.S (Geneva, OH) June 2010

"I was diagnosed with end stage renal failure in 2009, with no apparent cause. A series of medical evaluations did not give me much hope. A December 2009, energetic assessment by Dr. Gay, moved me in a new and healthier direction. I was recommended a parasite cleanse, which I completed. I noticed immediate health improvements, which have continued. My most recent renal lab work indicates my kidney function has completely normalized."
B.N. (Saegertown, PA) January 2010

"I had a wrist injury. Every time I moved my wrist it was stiff and would snap. For three month it continued to get worse. After seeing Dr. Hilton, and taking the recommended formulas, my wrist problems disappeared. I also had a problem with my back, that disappeared around the same time the wrist issue did. I highly recommend Dr. Hilton's acupoint meridian assessment. It works!"
T.K. (Erie, PA) September 2009

"The past ten years of my life have been controlled by severed hypoglycemia. At least three times every day, like clockwork, I dealt with horrible shakes, sweating racing heart, to mention a few. I spent years seeking the help of at least half a dozen doctors, and none of them were able to help, nor did they take the time to get to the bottom of my illness. This past winter I read a newspaper article detailing Dr. Hilton, so I thought I would check her out. She suggested that I two supplements daily for a month, then come see her again. I have to admit, I was skeptical at first, but I began to feel better even on the first day of taking the supplements. I have been under Dr. Hilton's treatment for the past four months now, and recently told her that I feel at least 90% better than I did when I first saw her. She has not only treated me for the blood sugar problems, but also a thyroid issue ( I feel so much better from that also), and stomach problems (on my way towards wellness with that one). I would highly recommend that anyone seek the expertise of Dr. Hilton, even if you think you are past of point of finding help, as I was."
A.A. (Erie, PA) September 2009

"I have been dealing with Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) for many years. Now, at the young age of 30, and one visit with Dr. Hilton, I have improved 100%, with the recommended formulas my body needed."
M.G. (Ripley, N.Y.)

"Thank you, thank you, thank you - Dr. Gay and the Good Lord!!! After over two years of suffering with a severely irritated bladder, I feel like living again!! I have been seeing Dr. Gay for just over a year and through many cleanses and supplements I am finally regaing control of my life. The biggest turn-around came with the parasite cleanse which I am presently in my 3rd month. I am not quite 100% yet but I give it a 90 -95% on most days now!!!!! Dr. Gay said the reason I'm getting better is because I have stuck with it and didn't give up (although she said I was a challenge!!) because natural healing takes longer than conventional Medicine. I spent a lot of time and supplements getting rid of the nasty drugs and antibiotics the medical community had me on before, during and after my hysterectomy 2 years ago. My irritated bladder problems started soon after surgery. I stopped taking the antibiotics after 8 months because they were killing my immune system. I tried to heal myself with supplements but I found I was groping in the dark with no direction. My nerves were shot, I lost a lot of weight and people said I looked terrible - nice, huh?? Dr. Gay entered my life in June of 2007 through what I believe was "divine intervention" a few months after I stopped the drugs (I had been on a low dose of antibiotics for over 8 months). I thought if this doesn't work - what is the alternative and I had been down that road, so I stuck with it and will until I'm 100%. Dr. Gay always had time for me when I was having a healing crisis or new symptoms cropped up - quite often, every week or two. It hasn't been easy and my bladder went haywire a lot but it has all been worth it. I am seeing light at the end of the tunnel and I thank Dr. Gay for never giving up on me. I also thank God Almighty who is the ultimate healer - Dr. Gay says she just the channel (she's the best channel I know!!).

People are telling me all the time how much better I look, talk, walk, etc., they can tell I feel good. I am a receptionist and customers who only know me by voice can 'hear" that I feel better!! It was all I could do go to work and just try to function in every day duties. For the last 2 years almost all of my 3 weeks of vacation has been used for sick days!! I was depressed all the time (EVEN SUICIDAL!!) and it really had an effect on me in every aspect of my life - let alone the physical suffering I was enduring. Dr. Gay is extremely intelligent and is very familiar with how the body operates and can accurately identify the problem. She will seek the cure - not just treat the symptoms. She is also very compassionate and understanding and I always feel better emotionally upon leaving her office. She is very "down-to-earth" and I feel honored to call her my friend as well as my doctor. She always gave me hope and I clung to that with all my heart!! So, Dr. Gay, here's to you - thank you doesn't seem enough, but THANK YOU!!"
N.D. (Albion, PA)

"It's a miracle! Thanks to Dr. Gay Hilton’s advice and supplements, I have my life back. I can now fall asleep and sleep through the night. I had gone for three years with abdominal pains bothering me everyday and night. Traditional medicine doctors and extensive testing (scans, blood work, X-rays, etc.) did not help find the cause or solve the problem. I highly recommend Dr. Hilton’s testing. Another plus has been people noticing how much better I look! Thanks Dr. Hilton!"
A.Z. (Erie, PA)

"Through Dr. Hilton's testing and going through many layers of healing, over the past two years, I no longer have my thyroid goiter, which I have had for 20 years. "
C. S. (Erie, PA)

"I had breathing problems for years, and had every test, not to mention various medications, to no avail. I also had very bad back pain (4 surgeries) and was told it was arthritis, and fractures from osteoporosis. One week after following Dr. Gay 's programs, I felt so much better. I had less pain, better breathing, and more energy."
F. J. (Edinboro, PA)

"I came to Dr. Hilton's office on Friday with a ganglion cyst on the back of my hand. After five days it was practically gone! Here is my story. A few days before I saw Dr. Hilton I saw a doctor at Hamot Medical Center who told me I had only one main way to remove the cyst, and that was surgery. No doubt painful and expensive! I was also told I could take a heavy book and hit the cyst , which might break it up, but that it still might come back. No surgery of heavy book hitting for me! When I saw Dr. Hilton on Friday, in about five minutes, she found out what I needed. She recommended I take a specific homeopathic formula and it worked! Sunday evening the cyst fell apart, then got flat. On Tuesday it was practically gone, and there was no more soreness or pain. Now, one week later, as I look at my wrist you would never know I had a ganglion cyst."
J. V. (Erie,PA)

"I have suffered from debilitating menstrual cramps since I was 12 years old. I am now 50, and following several months of the needle-less acupuncture and the bio-energetic formulas, my menstrual periods are 95% improved. I have literally been unable to go to work during my periods, as I have been so ill. My symptoms are 95% improved, and I am now able to go to work during the several days of my period."
J. S. (Meadville, PA)

"I was diagnosed with hepatitis C over thirty-five years ago. Since that time my viral load has grown to 10 million. The mainstream approach to this disease has been a cancer treatment- ribovarin and interferon, which potentially makes you sick for about a year, and only has a remission rate of about 30%. Since this was not very appealing to me, I have been trying to reduce this viral count by diet changes, supplements and an herbal mixture. I had been doing well on this regimen (reducing my viral load to about 5 million over a time period of 9 months) until I took the vaccine for hepatitis A and B. The next time I had my blood tested, my viral load was back over 10 million. With this in mind I went to see Dr. Hilton. Using her system, she recommended a product called Natural Cellular Defense, which is a natural mineral, and some other vitamin and herbal supplements and within three months, my viral load was down to 3.4 million. Needless to say, I was very pleased with the results. With the meridian balancing technique she uses, I am expecting things to improve even more the next time I have my blood tested. Thanks Dr. Hilton!"
D. B. (Erie, PA)

" Last week when I came in to see you, I was feeling so awful I had very little faith that my condition could be remedied very fast or very well. I'd been dizzy for 10 days, unable to drive, wash my hair, prepare a meal, read, or take care of a multitude of other tasks I'd always done so easily. After I returned home from your office, I took the herbs you'd recommended, put a few drops of Natural Cellular Defense (NCD) in my ear, and lay down for a nap. An hour and a half later I got up and found my dizziness was significantly improved. That night I took my second dose of herbs. By morning my dizziness was completely gone and now, six days later, I have not had any recurrences of dizziness at all. These results have been truly wonderful. Thank you. "
M.S. (Erie, PA)

"I grew up with continual bouts of vomiting and nausea. My first remembrance was my father holding me over the toilet, and assuring me I would be all right. Dr. Gay recommended a series of protocols, and the homeopathic remedy Nux Vomica. I have had no recurrence of nausea or vomiting for over 8 months."
A.S. (Erie, PA)

"Acupoint nutritional testing is a highly accurate alternative to traditional diagnostic testing."
Roy F. Cammarano (Author: Entrepreneurial Transitions, The Journey)

"I cannot get over how quickly I began to feel normal again. I haven't felt like this since I was in my twenties!"
D.C. (Spartansburg, PA)

"I lost weight on the parasite cleanse, and many symptoms I have had for years are going away."
D.M. (Meadville,PA)

"Dr. Hilton's protocols have moves my health into a new dimension. My energy is finally back and I am not exhausted and in bed at 8PM anymore!"
A.F. (Erie, PA)

" Taking these natural formulas are not only making me feel better, but also giving me some real results. I never experienced that on (prescription) medications."
J.C. (Erie, PA)

" My thyroid tests have improved on Dr. Hilton's formulas, and I no longer have to take Synthroid."
C.D. (Glenshaw, PA)

"I received the correct answer to my parasitic problem from Dr. Hilton. I am currently taking products from her and am feeling much better. I am indebted to her and her protocols."
R.H. (Clymer, NY)

"My allergies have drastically improved, and I no longer need to depend on antihistamines."
D.T. (Erie, PA)

"I highly recommend Dr. Hilton!"
B.R. (Erie, PA)

"The Chinese Meridian testing Dr. Hilton used was very accurate, She even pinpointed health issues I had forgotten I had! I'm impressed with the assessment!"
L.S. (Erie, PA)

" I periodically relied on antibiotic therapy to clear up my sinus infections, which always proved to be a temporary fix. Since starting on these bioenergetic formulas, my sinus problems are about 80% improved, and continually getting better!"
N.M. (Union City, PA)

"As a Hepatitis C patient, I have lowered my bilirubin levels, and have reduced my viral load by 837,000. My blood tests are all improving. These products, and the Acu-Nu Energy testing, have turned my life around!"
D.S., (Conneaut, OH)

" I have had excessive bleeding and cramping during my period. The FPMS formula has completely eliminated all my previous symptoms, and I don't suffer during my periods anymore!"
L.T., (Edinboro PA)

" After several months of working with Systemic Formulas, I have balanced my hormones, am no longer experiencing night sweats, and my breast fibroid has completely disappeared. Additionally, I have been taking allergy shots for over twenty years, and no longer need to take them. These are fabulous, natural formulas!"
T.S., (Erie, PA)

" I have had chronic prostate, and urinary tract infections for better than twenty years, with no relief, despite numerous antibiotics and other drug therapies. The formulas recommended have completely cleared up my chronic infections. Needless to say...I am a happy camper!"
P.M., (Erie, PA)

"Since 1983 I have suffered chronic gall bladder attacks, with daily vomiting. After taking Dr. Hilton's recommended formula for the gall Bladder (Lb), for just one week, symptoms have totally diminished. I give Dr. Hilton high accolades!"
M.K., (Edinboro, PA)

" I have been taking Synthroid since I was twelve, and am now seventeen. Since having my meridians screened, six weeks ago, I have taken specific formulas for my adrenals and thyroid. My most recent thyroid panel tests indicate I no longer need to remain on Synthroid, as my thyroid is testing normal for the first time in years!"
B.S. (Erie, PA)

" For the past 24 years I have depended on medications for sinus infections and relief of arthritis symptoms. In the month, since beginning the formulas recommended by Dr. Gay, I am 90% better. The brain fog I have endured for years is completely gone! I feel like the person I was 30 years ago!"
N.H., (Cambridge Springs, PA)

" It is amazing to me that Dr. Gay has accomplished more in one month than all the doctors and specialists, diagnostic testing and prescription drugs have in the past four years! Anyone who is suffering from chronic health issues would benefit from a consult with Dr. Gay. I have regained control of my life and find joy, instead of pain, in my daily activities. Thank you, Dr. Gay, for all you have done through the meridian screening!"
D.Q., (Cranesville, PA)

" My viral load dropped over 900,000 points, in just 3 months, using Systemic Formulas. As a Hepatitis C patient, traditional medical doctors had little hope for me, even recommending a liver transplant. The meridian screening has been very accurate. I am quite traditional in my beliefs, but I must admit that giving alternative medicine a chance has been truly emotionally uplifting."
J.F., (Ashtabula, OH)

" Dr. Hilton saved my life! I have been fighting adult acne, allergies, and disabling menstrual cramps. After three months of holistic protocols I have no more symptoms. I no longer take antihistamines, use acne medication, or take ibuprofen for cramps. I cannot recommend this course of action enough!"
S.P., (Erie, PA)

" I have suffered from issues with vaginal discharge for literally the last forty years. With just two weeks on Systemic Formulas, and the assessment from the acupoint screening, I am now clear of all symptoms."
S.D., (Saegertown, PA)

"My son is six years old and has been suffering from chronic ear infections for over two years. A year ago we had ear tubes inserted, in conjunction with prescribed antibiotics, to no avail. Since working with Dr. Gay and having his meridians assessed, plus taking formulas recommended, his ears are not only clear, but there is no longer any fluid buildup. This was accomplished with periodic visits in just three months!"
K.W., (Lake City, PA)

"I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 14 years ago. I am permanently disabled with limited mobility. Five days after starting nutritional therapy with Dr. Hilton, I have done things that I have been unable to do for at least seven years! By following Dr. Hilton's recommendations I have greatly enhanced my quality of life. No other treatment has given me this satisfaction in the past 14 years. This is amazing and I want others to know of this monumental success story!"
D.P., (Erie, PA)

"Just wanted to say, "Thank you!" I had hives on my skin for nine months. No one could figure out what was wrong with me and what was causing them. I was referred to you by some friends, and in two weeks with your energy assessment and recommendations, those hives were gone! No more itching!"
L.W., (Conneaut, OH)

" I initially came to Dr. Gay for Raynaud's Syndrome and arthritic-like hand and wrist pain. Within days of my initial visit, my Raynaud's Syndrome was gone and I have minimal hand and wrist pain."
C.B., (Lake City, PA)

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