The Three Healthy Musketeers

"Amazing Story" 

   The three of us met for breakfast the morning of September 19th, 2007.  Cheri McGuire and Lois Thomspon, my "pillars of strength", on either side of me in the photo from left to right, were meeting for the first time.  This was a celebration of new found health...a journey that began first with Cheri, then myself, and finally with Lois.

   Cheri met first with Dr. Hilton to seek help with chronic conditions of allergies, eczema, and ovarian pain.  Pain had even developed in her hand, leaving her unable to function as an artist.  This pain, coupled with the pain an embarrassment of eczema (affecting mostly her face), left her unrecognizable to herself. 

    Dr. Hilton's testing, formulas, and healing through "layers" succeeded where conventional medicine had failed.  Cheri eventually learned she was gluten sensitive, and changing her diet has changed her life.

    My health had begun to unravel toward the end of 2006, and my childhood friend, Cheri, knew it. She suggested Dr. Hilton to me as I struggled with too many chronic conditions...M.S., optic neuritis (loss of vision), interstitial cystitis (inflammation of the bladder) and allergies.

     My healing began just a few weeks into the New Year, as Dr. Hilton sought the source of my body's failing.  The most dramatic restoration since being in treatment has been my eyesight, a blessing that even made my eye doctor dance in the office.  Above all, my sense of hope has been restored.  Once again, I felt capable.

     As Cheri had shown me the path to wellness, I, too, needed to bring a friend along on the journey.  Lois, my former neighbor, had struggled with sarcoid, an incurable, debilitating disease for far too many years.  Through a relationship with God and Dr. Hilton, Lois's recovery is most dramatic.  Years of chemotherapy had weakened her, and her doctor's speculation of a possible misdiagnosis left her angry and exasperated.

      In Dr. Hilton's care, Lois continues to thrive and surpass all previous expectations.  On this "hike" of ours, I can barely keep up with her energy and exuberance for life. 

      This photo shows "The Three Healthy Musketeers" who fought for quality of life and are now enjoying the fruits of their labors.  The energy between us that morning was confirmation that we were exactly where God had led us to be.                                                 With Gratitude to God and Dr. Hilton,

 Sandy Fiscus  (Edinboro, PA)

  Dear Dr. Hilton,

 Thank you for allowing Sandy to share our wonderful story.  I AM thankful to you and God for my recovery!

  I have some incredible news I thought I would share with you.


  I am now healthy and strong enough to- WORK!!


  I have been at home on the couch or in bed for more than 14 years and this week, I was blessed with an opportunity to return to the work force.

Friday, I started working in an office.  The job is full time albeit temporary.  I am filling in for a woman who is out to have chemo and radiation for recurring bone cancer.  I had taken a career options class in January, am taking a computer

class one evening a week and now am working full time!


  What a testimony to what you did for me! Thank you a thousand times over. You've been such a blessing to me. 


Love, Lois