Amazing Health Benefits of Coral Calcium
Volume 24

Scientists have discovered that the body fluids of healthy people are alkaline (high pH) while the body fluids of sick people are acidic (low pH). Most of us have healthy, alkaline body fluids as children, but as we reach our thirties and beyond, more minerals leave our bodies than we ingest. It is this loss of minerals that causes our bodies to become increasingly acidic. Acidosis (low pH body chemistry) is the primary indicator of Calcium Deficiency Disease. Coral calcium is HIGHLY effective in reversing acidosis.

In 1932 Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his discovery that cancer was anaerobic: cancer occurs in the absence of free oxygen. As innocuous as this discovery might seem, it is actually a startling and significant finding worthy of a Nobel Prize. What it basically means is that cancer is caused by a lack of free oxygen in the body and therefore, whatever causes this to occur is the cause of all cancers.

Coral calcium is my recommendation for optimal health, and the source of calcium in the Cal Comp mineral product, sold through my office. Read on and discover just how important the right kind of calcium is crucial for optimal health.  The wrong calcium can create a myriad of health issues, solidifying in your body.  A diet devoid of raw fruit and vegetables, does not contain enough enzymes to dissolve inorganic calcium deposits created by ingesting the wrong calcium products, or from the consumption of foods which have inorganic calcium (white flour products).

Chemists measure acidity and alkalinity with a pH scale ranging from 0 to 14, with 7 being neutral. Below 7 is acid and above 7 is alkaline. Blood must always remain at an alkaline pH 7.4 so that it can retain its oxygen. With the exception of stomach fluids which must remain acidic to digest food and urine which must remain acidic to remove wastes from the body, human body fluids such as blood, lymph and cerebral spinal fluid are designed to be slightly alkaline at a pH of 7.4. Healthy tissues are alkaline, whereas cancerous tissues are acidic. Our bodies are alkaline by design and acid by function. Maintaining alkalinity is essential for life health and vitality. Alkalinity is anabolic (builds up) and acidity is catabolic (tears down). In other words, as each of our cells perform their task of respiration, they secrete metabolic wastes which are acidic. These wastes are the end product of cellular metabolism and must not be allowed to build up. The body goes to great lengths to neutralize and detoxify these acids before they are in a position to act as poisons in and around the cell, changing the environment of the cell. If our bodies become acidic by dropping below pH 7.0, oxygen is driven out thereby, according to Nobel Prize winner Otto Warburg, inducing cancer.

Most of us have healthy, alkaline body fluids as children, but as we reach our thirties and beyond, more minerals leave our bodies than we ingest. It is this loss of minerals that causes our bodies to become increasingly acidic. When adequate mineral consumption is in the diet, the blood is supplied the crucial minerals required to maintain an alkaline pH of 7.4. However when insufficient mineral consumption is in the diet, the body is forced to rob Peter (other body fluids) to pay Paul (the blood). In doing so, it removes crucial minerals, such as calcium, from the saliva, spinal fluids, kidneys, liver, etc., in order to maintain the blood at pH 7.4. This causes the de mineralized fluids and organs to become acidic and therefore anaerobic, thus inducing not only cancer, but a host of other degenerative diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, lupus, etc..

Everyone knows that the human body is made up of 78% water by weight, and that water is hydrogen and oxygen gases. When nitrogen gas and carbon in the form of carbon dioxide and methane gases are added, the total gas in the body by weight becomes over 95%. Almost half of the remaining 5% that makes up the human body and controls all biological functions is the mineral calcium.

No other mineral is capable of performing as many biological functions as is calcium. Calcium is involved in almost every biological function. This amazing mineral provides the electrical energy for the heart to beat and for all muscle movement. It is the calcium ion that is responsible for feeding every cell. It does this by latching on to seven nutrient molecules and one water molecule and pulls them through the nutrient channel. It then detaches its load and returns to repeat the process. Another important biological job for calcium is DNA replication, which is crucial for maintaining youth and a healthy body. DNA replication is the basis for all body repair and can only occur "on a substrate of calcium". Thus, low calcium means low body repair and premature aging. As important as all these and hundreds of other biological functions of calcium are to human health, none is more important than the job of pH control. Calcium to acid, is like water to a fire. Calcium quickly destroys oxygen robbing acid in the body fluids. Thus, the more calcium, the more oxygen, and therefore, the less cancer and other degenerative disease.

This information then begs the question, "How much calcium is necessary ?" The answer can readily be determined by examining the diet of millions of people around the world who consume over 100 times our Recommended Daily Allowance, RDA, and who suffer the side effects of living 40 years longer than we do, of aging at half the rate that we do, and of being devoid of cancer, heart disease, mental disorders, diabetes, arthritis and all other degenerative diseases. Almost all of these people, the Armenians, Azerbaijans and Georgians in Russian, the Tibetans, the Hunzas of Northern Pakistan, the Vilcabamba Indians in Ecuador, the Bamas in China and the Titicacas in Peru live at high altitudes above 8000 feet. Their only source of water is melting glaciers, and the glacial water is so turbid and white with ground up rock that all of these cultures call the water "milk of the mountains". Each quart of this water contains over 17,000 milligrams of calcium along with other minerals and 60 trace metals. These cultures drink several quarts each day and the water fertilized crops are also loaded with calcium and other nutrients. The only long living and disease free culture that does not live above an altitude of 8000 feet, is the Okinawan's.

Millions of Okinawans live in the southern coral islands of Japan with the average life expectancy of 105 years, while mainland Japan is just 77 years. The Okinawans live on islands made of coral reefs which are mainly calcium. The Okinawans discovered over 500 years ago that feeding coral sand that is produced from the weathering of the reefs to the chickens and cows results in twice as many eggs and twice as much milk. They also found that when the coral sand is used as a fertilizer, crops increase by as much as three fold. When they finally, 500 years ago, began to consume the coral sand themselves, all of the under utilized doctors were forced to leave the islands. This was known in Japanese history as the Japanese Exodus.

The early European explorers discovered their secret and hauled shiploads of the calcium rich coral sands back to Europe. In Madrid Spain, the historic monument of the world's first drugstore contains rows of shelves labeled "coral calcium from Okinawa Japan". Today millions of people all over the world consume coral calcium, and as a result, there are millions of medical testimonials.

The phenomenon of preventing and reversing degenerative disease through the consumption of large amounts of mineral and vitamins did not go un-noticed by men of medicine. Hundreds of years ago European doctors were prescribing coral calcium and other nutrients to their patients.

In the 1950s, Dr. Carl Reich M.D. discovered that his patients were able to "cure themselves" of almost all degenerative diseases by consuming several times the RDA of calcium, magnesium, vitamin-D and other nutrients. Dr. Reich was the first North American doctor to prescribe "mega doses" of minerals and vitamins to his patients and is considered by many to be the father of preventive medicine. By the 1980s Dr. Reich had cured thousands, but lost his license for explaining that the consumption of mineral nutrients, such as calcium, could prevent cancer and a host of other diseases. This concept was considered "too simple" to accept by the medical wisdom of the day. However, by the late 1990s, other medical men of wisdom were also discovering that calcium supplements could indeed reverse cancer. 

In the October 13, 1998 issue of the New York Times wrote an article appeared entitled "Calcium Takes Its Place As a Superstar of Nutrients" in which it reports that a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association reported that "increasing calcium induced normal development of the epithelia cells and might also prevent cancer in such organs as the breast, prostate and pancreas". It also reported that the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published "virtually no major organ system escapes calcium's influence" and that a research team from the University of Southern California found "adding calcium to the diet lowered the blood pressure in 110 black teenagers"

The January 14, 1999 issue of the Phoenix Republic wrote an article about cancer entitled "Calcium Reduces Tumors" that the New England Journal of Medicine reported "adding calcium to the diet can keep you from getting tumors in your large intestine". Then the February, 1999 issue of the Readers Digest wrote in an article entitled "The "Superstar Nutrient" that the Journal of the American Medical published "when the participants consumption reached 1500 milligrams of calcium a day, cell growth in the colon improved toward normal (this means that the cancer was reversed)". The Digest also reported that the Metabolic Bone Center at St. Lukes Hospital believes that "a chronic deficiency of calcium is largely responsible for premenstrual syndrome (PMS)" and that "a lot of women are avoiding the sun and their vitamin-D levels may be very low". In the same article, the Digest reported that "in 1997 the large federally financed trial found that a diet containing 1200 milligrams of calcium significantly lowered blood pressure in adults". Then the May 3, 1999 edition of US World News Report wrote in an article entitled "Calcium's Powerful Mysterious Ways", that, "Researchers are increasingly finding that the humble mineral calcium plays a major role in warding off major illnesses from high blood pressure to colon cancer" and that "You name the disease, and calcium is beginning to have a place there" (David McCarron, a nephrologist at Oregon Health Sciences University). Unfortunately, most doctors have not heard the news that their own journals and major newspapers and magazines are reporting that natural supplements, especially calcium, can cure and prevent disease.

The scientific evidence that calcium is the key to good and long health is overwhelming. One does not have to be a rocket scientist to read simple articles in reputable newspapers, magazines and the doctor's own journals that are all saying that disease can be cured by diet. Also one can simply look at the millions of people around the world that never get sick and say, "We also want to drink some milk of the mountains". Unfortunately, all of the milk of the mountains is consumed as fast as it is produced. However, the Japanese could cure the world with their "milk of the oceans" known as coral calcium minerals, the calcium factor of good health.