Vital Tools for Patient Health and Empowerment!
Volume 26

Perhaps one of the most important roles a naturopathic doctor plays, is that of teacher. After all, the real definition of the word doctor is teacher. If one were to travel back in time, doctors in early civilizations were teachers first, practitioners second. In China, for example, Traditional Chinese Medicine is still all about teaching the patient how maintain his or her health. Instructions are articulated about diet, meditation, and exercise, known as Qi Gong (a series of exercise formats targeting specific organs and glands).

In China, the doctor of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) was paid when, health of the patient was restored. Can you imagine our current medical system relying on restoring the health of a patient, before being paid? Unfortunately, our system of medicine has many issues, one of which is the focus on the money first, and the education of the patient last. Think in terms of how long a typical medical visit lasts, and you realize there is little, or no time, for the doctor to take on the role of teacher. Add to it, the fact that our present medical system is treating symptoms. It stumbles in the area of patient education, specifically on what pathogenic agents created their illnesses, and how to prevent a disease state from reoccuring. Educating the patient on preventative medicine should be the first order of business. Insurance rates would go down, as would the whole cost of health care. The tools would be given to the patient to empower personal health.

The role of the naturopathic doctor is primarily as educator. Treating symptoms is not the focus of the N.D.. We teach our patients what constitutes a healthy lifestyle, and specifically what tools increase longevity.

For example. If you have a fungal, or parasitic infection, what caused it, and how can one prevent it from getting entrenched again? What foods feed fungus and/or parasites, and what conditions do they thrive under? How important is immune function in restoration of gut health, and what steps must be taken to prevent reinfection? Can these infections be transferred?

A patient must have all the mental and physical tools to empower his, or her health. Those tools include holistic diet, cleansing and detoxification protocols, specific exercise formats (yoga, Qi Gong, rebounding on a mini-trap) which increase bio-energy, and specific formulas (herbal based/homeopathic medicines) which target organ and glands restoration, at the cellular level. Flower essences and meditation techniques are also powerful stress management tools.

You see, there is much more to a doctor visit than taking a natural or chemical medicine. There is a major mission at hand, when a patient presents symptoms, to insure that true health is being restored. The doctor must inquire about the previous mental and physical traumas, which may have impacted current health issues. Was the onset of the illness preceded by a major emotional trauma? Cancers, MS, or other degenerative conditions are typically preceded by a death, divorce, bankruptcy, or loss of a job. An intake form should investigate all aspects of the patient's history including: drugs presently prescribed, lifestyle, diet, exercise, stress management.

Those of us using the acupuncture system, to assess imbalances within the body, have a real advantage over other diagnostic tools. The acupuncture system is a mirror of the emotions, the environment, and the diet of the patient being assessed. It is a very articulate tool, with tremendous pre-diagnostic aspects many other modalities lack. The patient is at the center of an educational experience, as he or she can feel the energetic reactions/reflexes, whether strong or weak, at specific body alarm points. This gives the patient a great opportunity to ask questions, and be on the receiving end of lots of naturopathic input, concerning how and why the energy assessment is such a predictable tool..

Additionally, news letters, classes and reading materials are all part of this educational process. Personally, my role as an naturopathic doctor was spelled out very early in my career, as I began my adult life in the field of health and physical education. The initial occupation of teacher, prepared me well , as I evolved into the role of a doctor. It is my focus to make sure all of you are holistically educated. As you see, there is a world of difference in the focus of the naturopathic doctor, when compared to the traditional medical approach.

Take advantage of our clinic classes, please read the archived newsletters on my very educational web site, and email, or ask questions. My role as your naturopathic doctor has unique dimensions, and I am more than happy to guide you in your exploration of so many holistic tools available, while empowering you in your pursuit.

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