Detox Foot Baths To The Rescue! 

In this modern world of ours, pollution from the air we breathe, the water we drink, and food we eat, daily overwhelms our immune function.  Add to it that our pH levels are more acidic than alkaline, making us a breeding ground for disease.  This daily bombardment of toxicity also includes electromagnetic frequencies (EMF's) that further put our immune system to task.  Consequently, unless you are daily flushing your system with water to remove toxins, regularly exercise, and eat fresh fruit and vegetables, toxins build up and store in the fat cells of your body. Detox foot baths to the rescue! 
Remember reading about the famous Roman Baths?  Thousands of years ago, ancient healers and physicians recommended daily baths and spas to cleanse, detoxify, and enhance well being of their patients. Every naturopathic doctor has heard of Hering's Law of Cure.  It is stated in this Law, that you heal from your head to your feet, in reverse order of your symptoms.  Thus, when your feet hurt, there is a real reason for it. 
Your feet are where many toxins accumulate, and may actually serve as a reliable indicator that your body has completed many aspects of deep, inner cleansing. A detox foot bath can hurry this process along.  When your feet quit hurting, you have obviously gotten rid of a lot of waste, formerly dumped in the feet,  based on the principles of Hering's Law of Cure. When you cleanse the body you lighten the load of every healthy cell, increasing oxygenation, lymphatic circulation, while raising the body's pH.  All of these aspects must be in play if optimal health is to be attained.
Detox foot baths can enhance wellbeing accelerating the release of toxic waste, which tends to plug up the organs of elimination.  Stored toxins are released via over 2000 pores in the feet, as a result of special herbal formulas and essential oils placed into the water of the foot bath. 

Detox foot baths help and assist in:

1) Enhanced immune function, with the regular release of stored toxins eliminated as a result of the foot bath
2) Faster recovery time from injuries or surgeries, as you lighten the burden of the body's elimination system
3) Joint and muscle pain is reduced as result of improved circulation
4) Sleep patterns can be improved, as a result of body cleansing and detoxification
5) Heavy metals trapped in the fat cells are released
6) Kidney, liver, lymph and bowel function is enhanced with regular cleansing and detoxification
7) Vastly improved energy levels, as detoxification enhances electromagnetic energy flow within the body
8)  General body detoxification increases mental acuity and feeling of wellbeing, including increasing the body's pH
9)  As you detoxify the body, you reduce pathogen levels of fungus, bacteria, virus, parasites, and heavy metals