Acupoint Nutrition ...Valuable Tools in Energy Medicine

Volume 30

We have all heard of the science of acupuncture, an over 3,500 year old system of medicine from China. Channels of energy must flow without impedance in a specific direction, feeding organs and glands nutritive life force. Our food breaks down to ATP (energy) and feeds the cells, so they can perform their many vital tasks. This energy is referred by many names, like prana, chi, qi, vital life force, innate intelligence, depending on the culture. Regardless, this electromagnetic energy is dependent on consistent flow, and this is where acupuncture comes to the rescue.

Acupuncture comes in many forms. Acupoints are specific energy points on the body's surface, which correlate to an organ or gland. There is needling of these points (acupuncture), pressure on these points ( acupressure), and various forms of needle-less acupuncture. The most important task of acupuncture is to open blocked, "short circuited", acupoint channels. These circuits are known as meridians.

There are specific points known as acupoint alarms. These points are your body's SOS distress mechanism. If there is a chronic blockage of energy in a channel, the acupoint alarm will test weak, and begin to sputter like an engine running out of gas. As this occurs long term, the organ or gland it supplies energy to, begins to lose function. As function drops, so does your energy and immune function, establishing a state of declining health.

Acupoint nutrition can rebuild organ and gland function at the cellular level. It is the major turn key mechanism for providing energy flow to the weakened channels, that support and provide nutrition to organs and glands. Instead of a needle opening up the meridian channel, a specific nutritional formula is utilized. The formulas provide nutritive energy for thirty days, giving the weakened organs or glands, time to rebuild function.

Meridian screening will assess any potential energy imbalance, pinpointing which organs or glands are under duress. One might say meridian screening is an optimal way to uncover chronic health issues before they become embedded, creating the terrain for disease states. Meridian screening is a "pre-diagnostic" assessment of energy imbalances. From an energy vantage point, it can be very articulating in uncovering potential health issues, not yet visible via lab testing..

This is because the energy field is the origin of the initial imbalance. To those of us who screen meridian energies, our point of reference is the acupuncture system, which interfaces the human neurological system. Energy medicine practitioners operate on the premise that illness initially originates in the body's electromagnetic field, prior to manifesting as symptoms in the physical body.

Acupoint Nutrition provides specific formulas which re-balance the body's electrical matrix, while rebuilding organs and glands at the level of the DNA. Acupoint Nutrition is my choice of energy medicine modalities, as a very efficacious tool in meridian screening.