Weight loss

For every extra pound you carry, your blood capillaries must travel an additional 60 miles! Weight loss is the best way to achieve true health...so let us assist you...it's really quite simple!

Our weight loss programs are superb!

First, we measure your body fat with calipers, determine your BMI (body mass index), take your height and weight, plus determine your activity level.

Second, to prevent you from returning to fat storage at the cellular level, a low glycemic index diet plan will be directed and implemented into your daily diet. Bottom line: you'll have all the keys to successful weight loss at your fingertips.

Third, planning your daily workout schedule, to help detoxify the lymphatics, increase cardiac output, build muscle and bone density. The more muscle you have, the faster your calorie burn will be.

Fourth, we work on cleansing and detoxifying organs and glands of waste/sludge which plugs up the cells, and quickly adding extra pounds! All in all, our programs are the ticket to better weight distribution, and improved health and well-being!

Our unique and diversified holistic day spa services include:

  • Dry Sauna
  • Ear candling
  • Detox foot soaks
  • Oriental acupoint stress screening
  • Specific acupoint re-balancing known as needle-less acupuncture