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Good Vibes... Bad vibes!

Produced summer 2011 by bixfix productions (c)

Gay S. Hilton, N.D. is a naturopathic doctor, and her audio book, Good Vibes...Bad Vibes is her expressed opinions of her personal holistic experiences, over the past 20 years, and the experiences and research of the authors she reviewed. Her audio book peers into the quantum physics approach to mind/body health, known as the Einsteinian energy medicine model. This audio book in no way suggests the practice of allopathic medicine, known as Newtonian Medicine, should be disregarded, or ignored, for there are many valuable healing tools allopathic doctors contribute via their healing modalites. It is the expressed opinion of this author, that the alternative and allopathic medical systems learn to work together towards efforts of more outcome based research, rather than relying on just empirical data, as suggested by Dr. Richard Gerber, M.D., author of: Vibrational Medicine...A Practical Approach. This audio book will hopefully awaken interest by allopathic practitioners on the efficacy of energy medicine, and provide a bridge of cooperation, from which each modality can grow and evolve from.

ISBN 978-1-4507-8670-6

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Hear what others have said about the Audiobook!

"Wow...this is a real unique aspect of healing and longevity, that I was  previously unaware of. Thoughts are things...I will work on that one!"
 Conneaut Lake, PA
"This all makes perfect sense to me. Quantum science and the vibrational body are well explained in understandable terms.  Thanks for making this so applicable." 
Meadville, PA
"I really got into the alternate nostril breathing and organ gland meditation format on  the Good Vibes,,,Bad Vibes CD."
Erie, PA
"Loved this CD. Thanks Dr. Gay for keeping me healthy, and teaching me how to stay above the fray!"
Erie, PA
"This is one of the best CD's for comprehension of just how energy medicine really balances mind body interaction.."
N. K.
Fort Collins, CO


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