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Systematic formulas... the ones that work!

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Imagine nutritional products that match the exact bio-energy of an organ or gland? That's exactly what our recommended product line does. This is why Systemic Formulas are known as the ones that work!

Here is what makes Systemic Formulas so unique, and absolutely unlike anything else on the market today. Stuart Wheelwright, founder of Systemic Formulas traveled the globe, studying indigenous herbs from the Amazon jungle, to the mountains of China. A master herbalist, Wheelwright discovered by combining specific herbs, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, he could perfectly match the energy produced by the organ or gland he was targeting. Stuart Wheelwright's concepts for these energy based formulas have roots in Traditional Oriental Medicine, and go way beyond the efficacy of traditional herbal therapy. The formulas not only promote and rebuild healthy tissue, but support balancing of meridian systems running through the organs or glands.

So if Wheelwright was attempting to improve the health of the thyroid, he made a formula that had an energy signature that matched the vibrational expression of the thyroid. Realize every organ and gland as specific energy/vibrational pattern that must be maintained to insure the health of that organ or gland. When the vibrational frequency is too high, the organ/gland is overactive, and the opposite if it is too low. Systemic Formulas will bring the organ/gland back to energetic balance, whether it is over, or under-active. When energy balance is achieved, health is restored at the cellular level, and the organ/ gland begins to rebuild tissue and establish healing.

Systemic Formulas do not need to be taken for long periods of time, as they work about three times faster than other herbal formulas. They are thus self finish taking them when your body has returned to health and energetic balance. Many report a very rapid elimination of symptoms and a return to health. Here is why.

While most herbal supplements assist the targeted organ or gland, Systemic Formulas actually restructure at the cellular level, very quickly restoring function and tissue regeneration. Those using Systemic Formulas not only return to health quickly, but are receiving precisely the amount of bio-energy required to bring the targeted organ/gland back into balance. This translates to a healthy, faster recovery from illness, with no side effects, as Systemic Formulas work very deeply, yet gently, without repetition of dosing.

As a naturopathic doctor I can attest to the efficacy of these products. There is simply nothing like them out there. I attribute the success of my practice, and the many referrals I receive, a direct result of phenomenal balance these formulas manifest. My motto...Feeling is believing! If you try Systemic Formulas you too will discover why they are the undisputed leader in the industry today.

Systemic Formulas is located in Ogden, Utah and has excellent quality control, a lab facility, a classroom for practitioners, and Dr. Daeyoon Kim available to answer any questions one might have concerning Systemic Formulas. Systemic's various organ/gland formulas may also be taken while you are on medications, as long as you do not take them with your medications.

EDTA Chelaton therapy

Additionally, Detoxamin is now available through our office. This is EDTA heavy metal/chemical chelation without the use of an IV infusion. Just as effective, less invasive, less side effects, and inexpensive compared to IV infusion of EDTA. A simple insertion of a suppository will permit EDTA to be released though the rectal wall. Within eighty minutes of insertion, EDTA is circulated throughout the body, and begins chelating out heavy metals and toxic chemicals from the cells and tissues. EDTA is the most effective way to reduce levels of toxic metals and chemicals from the body, and Detoxamin offers the best alternative to expensive IV therapy. EDTA is also effective for the reduction of plaque in the arteries, thus enhancing circulation and improving cardiac health.

Realize that heavy metals like aluminum, cadmium, arsenic, nickel, mercury,and lead are just a few of the toxins that may be back of many degenerative conditions like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, MS, Alzheimer's, cancer, arthritis, lupus, mental illness, and a host of other illnesses of unknown origins. Additionally it is thought that heavy metals create what is know as a "bio mass" and that the heavy metals act like a magnet drawing into the body other pathogens like fungus, bacteria, virus, and parasites. Consequently, products like Detoxamin are essential to effectively remove the very basis for the beginnings of degenerative conditions.

Heavy metals absorb sulfur in your body, creating muscle and joint issues, while drawing out healthy minerals. To the naturopath, heavy metal toxicity is a very real problem that must not be neglected, but instead immediately addressed. Detoxamin is a product which can be a great insurance policy, by protecting the body from a real villain among pathogens...toxic heavy metals.

Personalized programs

Dr. Hilton screens meridian energy acupoints to determine energy imbalances, and then recommends what bio-energetic formulas will strengthen the meridian energy to the specific gland or organ. These formulas are a proprietary blend of Amazonian herbs, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, plus RNA/DNA factors working synergistically. The energetic powers of these formulas are simply miraculous, and the basis for Dr. Hilton's very successful practice. They are known among practitioners by Systemic's motto as the ones that work! A special line of products for holistic cancer therapy are especially unique. They are all natural, non-toxic substances, with powerful immune building capacity, in an effort to fight dangerous cancer cell proliferation.

Healing takes place in layers

The body heals in layers. Occasionally as the body removes the first layer of toxicity, a healing crisis will occur. It is of short duration and is nothing more than a detoxification of organs, glands, blood and lymph. If you do not regularly cleanse and detoxify the system your body stores waste within the cells. As you work with formulas that restore function, the cells must be cleansed and toxic waste buildup removed. This is what is known as a healing crisis. As the body heals, anything that is toxic is pushed to the surface and out of the body. You may urinate more volume, have more frequent and sometimes forceful bowel movements, have bad breath, experience bloating and gas, feel somewhat nauseous, have a headache, have skin eruptions and rashes, experience sore, stiff muscles, or have what appears to be a cold or sinus infection. These are all normal symptoms.

The healing crisis

A healing crisis takes place when a layer of imbalance in your body is forced to the surface, so it can be released. The healing crisis is actually a good sign, indicating that healing is taking place, as the curative powers of the body gain momentum. These formulas rarely create a healing crisis, and as previously mentioned, work very deeply, yet gently. Should you have a healing crisis, refer to the two juicing protocols on your script sheet, and drink lots of lemon water. If it persists let us know, as Systemic Formulas have a specific formula which neutralizes toxins in the blood, providing quick relief. Additionally, cut down on your doses, reducing by one capsule for each formula. Contact Dr. Hilton, if you have any additional questions, or your healing crisis persists.

Unique product lines

Our office also offers the following unique products: the famous Miracle Soap product line; computer pillows and diodes for your watch and cell phone, for protection from EMF's (electromagnetic frequencies); flower remedies; specific homeopathic remedies; and natural toiletries.

*Please note...if you purchase our products directly from Dr. Hilton the price of each formula is cheaper, as we have added a shipping charge for products needing mailed.