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If you have experienced the power of The Secret and are ready to take it one step further, then its time to tune into "Good Vibes, Bad Vibes", an empowering new show on the 7th Wave Network, live every Wednesday at 4 PM/EST. Good Vibes, Bad Vibes peers into the world of vibrations and reveals just how these energy patterns are manifesting both positive and negative life experiences in our health, finance, environment and most importantly, our own personal evolution. Join traditional naturopathic doctors Gay Hilton and George Yuhasz to unveil the mysteries of instant attractions - as well as dislikes. Find out how your energy field can work to manifest success in your finances and retirement. "Good Vibes, Bad Vibes" will direct your vibrational journey toward mastery of life's greatest mysteries, the quantum world of vibration.

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Listen to this show  5/30/07 - Quantum Connection...What 's new in the world of energy medicine technology?
Guy Burchill will discuss a revolutionary new biofeedback machine used by many physicians in Europe, to determine frequency imbalances in the human energy field. The QXCI/SCIO can test 9,000 parameters in just three minutes. The machine has FDA approval, and incorporates testing of acupuncture points, auric field, chakras, meridians, spinal and cranial sacral points, to mention a few. There are therapies for nutrition, food sensitivities, dental and TMJ issues, hormone levels, blood, organ and gland function, toxicity, pathogens, weight loss, emotional release, color therapy, homeopathy, environmental factors, and traumas of both a physical and emotional nature. The QXCI/SCIO operates at the quantum level of the human energy field by canceling aberrant, distorted vibrational frequencies that create and manifest disease states. The QXCI/SCIO is the most advanced biofeedback machine of it's kind, developed by a NASA physicist, Bill Nelson.

Listen to this show 5/23/07 - Group Consciousness and the New Earth
Scientific studies have confirmed that individual intentions can produce measurable changes. But can groups of men and women who come together in common vision and intention produce even greater effects. Experiments are now underway. In this fascinating interview, author and researcher/investigator Russell E. DiCarlo will share the latest news on the power of group consciousness. Topics will include: Morphogenic Fields and You, The Intention Experiments, 2012 and the Mayan Calendar, The Oneness Movement Gain Momentum, The Heart of Oneness: Keys to New Earth Living Russell E. DiCarlo is author of "Towards A New World View: Conversations at The Leading Edge" and "The Definitive Guide to Longevity Medicine." Russ has spent 20 years researching and teaching energy healing methods and spiritual truths. He has also created several successful hospital-based healing/wellness programs and has consulted with Fortune 500 companies.

Listen to this show 5/16/07 - Russ DiCarlo presents - "Roots of Self-Sabotage
Russ DiCarlo, author of Towards a New World View...Conversations At the Leading Edge, will present "Roots of Self-Sabotage". Find out what prevents us from getting what we want in life, and how to stop self-sabotage? How does the ego and fear play into this plot of dis-empowerment? Join Russ, who wrote the forward to the number one best-seller The Power of Now, by Eckart Tolle, as we examine the steps in releasing blocks to our higher power!

Listen to this show  5/9/07 - Energy Medicine
Ellen Hailwood of Erie, PA is an Energy Medicine Practitioner. She is a graduate of Rutger's University with a M.A. In Early Childhood Education. She will discuss what energy medicine is and the many ways it can be applied. Subjects include how the power of intention works in the healing process, as well as the intention of the practitioner. The importance of many aspects in creating and manifesting healing results using the power of the mind and body will be illustrated and detailed. Ellie's vast experience in energy healing is truly illuminating!

Listen to this show  5/2/07 - Various Modalities of the Emerging Field of Naturopathy
Gay Hilton, N.D. and George Yuhasz, N.D. will discuss the field of Naturopathy and the latest, cutting edge changes in the world of holistic health, and energy based medicine. What is energy medicine and how does is it connected to the acupuncture system? Why is it considered pre-diagnostic? How important is the mind to health and healing? Why organic foods, versus typical grocery store foods? Treating symptoms versus looking deep into the body's terrain. Join Gay and George for this in depth discussion of various modalities of the emerging field of Naturopathy.

Listen to this show 4/18/07 - Balancing Your Life with Huna
Dr. Lisa Lawrence has co-authored 10 books and numerous self-help programs and patient education slide show presentations. She holds Ph.D and M.S. degrees in human ecology and nutrition respectively from Pacific Institute for Advanced Studies. She has presented at more than 15 medical and health related symposiums nationally. Dr. Lawrence has been interviewed by New York Magazine, L.A. Magazine, The L.A. Times and the Daily Sun, Hawaii among many others. Dr. Lawrence discusses the ancient Polynesian spiritual practice of Huna and how this venerable wisdom can be applied to our daily lives.

Listen to this show 4/11/07 - The Art of Dance: Creative Expressions of Vibrational Energy
Joseph Houseal received a 2000 Emmy Award Nomination for his PBS program; Kabuki Dance, Ancient Elegance. He is executive director of Core of Culture Dance Preservation, an organization committed to safeguarding intangible world heritage, with an emphasis on ancient dance and endangered movement traditions in the healing, meditation and healing arts. He has worked as Artistic Director for R and B singer Chaka Khan, and the Parnassus Dance Theatre in Kyoto, Japan. Mr. Houseal discusses how the experience, expression and appreciation of dance as a transmittal of vibrational energy can enrich our lives and move us ever closer to being our true selves.

Listen to this show 4/4/07 - Martial Arts: Building Blocks to Harmonize the Body
Learn how using various movements associated with the martial arts can energize and focus you on the challenges of daily life. Budd Yuhasz is a lifelong student and accomplished practitioner of the martial arts. His extensive background includes the grappling disciplines of judo and wrestling, as well as karate and aikido. He presently trains and serves as assistant instructor at Itten Dojo in Enola, PA. He is a graduate of Allegheny College with a double major in communication arts and psychology and currently works as a consultant to the Commonwealth of PA in the area of health care data analysis.

Listen to this show 3/14/07 - Empowered Living: Claiming Your Power While Protecting Yourself From Negative Influences
Dr. Gregg Freedman is a medical hypnotherapist in private practice in Boulder, CO. He discusses techniques to energetically protect yourself from people and situations that drain your vibrational energy and make you feel small, as well as ways to surround yourself with positive influences that inspire and support you to become happy and successful.

Listen to this show  The New Earth and the Bridge into Oneness
Russell E. DiCarlo is author of "Towards a new world view: Conversations at the leading edge, the definitive guide to longevity medicine", and wrote the forward to the best selling book "The power of now" by Eckhart Tolle. He has created hospital-based healing/wellness programs and has consulted with Fortune 500 companies. Leading edge scientists are suggesting that a multi-dimensional universe is hardly science fiction-it may well be scientific fact. Author, researcher/investigator, healer and visionary Russell DiCarlo will share his insights based upon his 20 years of research into the multi-dimensional reality that is now calling to all of us. His provocative and informative discussion will include an introduction to energy medicine, new upgrades to the human energy field, the power of intention and the heart of oneness: keys to new earth living.